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The Intuitive Body & Soul is on TV!! (TIBS on the tube)
The Intuitive Body & Soul is on TV! Billerica Access TV to be exact. We will be bringing new topics (and some cool guests) to our show each month. You can watch our full length shows by using this link: The shows always air on Billerica's cable station, but you will be able to go to the website: (click on The Intuitive Body & Soul) and see any of the shows there, anytime. Mike Stevens founder of GranitySky Granite Sky is a New Hampshire based organization that focuses on providing support to those who have had extraterrestrial encounters. Mike is a seasoned paranormal researcher and investigator. He has worked to change the stigma surrounding the abduction phenomena by promoting public awareness of the subject and by encouraging and supporting other experiencers. Mike has been interviewed in the past by newspapers, television and radio about his involvement in the paranormal and UFO communities locally as well as internationally Want to be in our studio audience? You may be on TV! Tickets are free. Send me an email at [masked] or call[masked], leave your name and number and say "put me on the call list!" and we will call you at the very next show opening/opportunity. Got a question? An idea? An opinion? A (courteous) critique? Email ([masked]) or call[masked] and leave us a message or thought, we want to know what you think! Until next we meet, create an awesome day! Love & Light, TIBS About us: Debbie’s qualifications include: Intuitive Medium/Psychic Polarity Healing Reiki Master Melchizedek Healing Level 5 Certification Ordained into the order of Melchizedek Debbie has agreed to co-host. I have over 40 years in the "energy" field and founded The Intuitive Body and Soul 2 years ago, the TIBS group and I have created programming and events to help create awareness with regard to personal power, use of intuition, hypnosis and much more. We will have many interesting guest speakers and will be inviting audiences in house to take part in some of the events. Look for us in the new year! We look forward to connecting with you. Until then create an awesome day. Joanie's Bio: Cartomancy (card reading, using a standard deck of cards) Tarot reading and yearly forecasting *Development of Psychic Ability *Channeling *Past life regression *Certification in Hypnosis *Advanced Quadruple Numerology Certifications *Controlled Relaxation *Seed Money Lectures *Aura Reading *General Self-Improvement *Certification - (Jose Silva) Silva Mind Control *Mind Development & Stress Control *Effective Sensory Projection *Applied Effective Sensory Projection Ordained Minister, September 27, 2013 *Universal Life Church, Modesto, California *By Kevin Andrews, Pastor

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What we're about

​This group is for people to come together in a friendly comfortable atmosphere to network and develop a healthy, successful, spiritual balance for both body and soul. Those seeking joy, abundance, inner peace through personal transformation and enlightenment.

On our show, affectionately known as “TIBS TV” we have had and will continue to showcase people and groups that make the world a better place by using their gifts and talents to bring joy and growth to all.

TIBS' mission is to create the awareness that each of us are co-creators in the universe and to raise our “Global Consciousness” to a higher vibration. We can create positive change no matter what our gifts - art, music, communication, parenting, organizing and so much more. “What if” all the people of all the world set an intention that we could, all of us, live in peace - and held that intention even just for a few minutes? Imagine the impact! The idea that - oh, maybe we don’t have to kill each other in order to be free.... crazy? unrealistic? Let’s plant the seeds and see, what do we have to lose? We look forward to taking this spiritual journey together!

Organized religions are not a factor here - all belief systems are welcome!

This meetup is FREE.....Members are not charged to join, but it cost organizers $180 per year to have a Meetup group (and I do so, without reservation:) however, if you'd like to donate (any amount is welcome) next time we meet, it will be welcome and appreciated.

Love & Light, The Intuitive Body & Soul TM

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