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Welcome to The Intuitive Connection, LLC, meetup.com site. We are an organized group of professionals that provide a wide variety of classes, readings and events to serve the local community. My name is Suzanne Smith and I am the owner of The Intuitive Connection. Our center is located at 2915 Frankfort Avenue, Suite A, Louisville, KY. We moved from the Story Avenue location to Frankfort Avenue in August of 2017.

My mission is to help our members to learn and evolve - and to have a safe place to explore spirituality through readings, classes, healing sessions and events.

The Intuitive Connection is a high energy and very positive environment. All are welcome - we honor the light in everyone that comes into our space. I love learning and am in continual development, its a very important part of my life. I enjoy teaching and being with groups of people to dive into a wide variety of spiritual topics and studies.

Please message me if you have any questions - you can hop on my website to learn a bit more about me and the center. Website: http://www.intuitivesuzanne.com

We have grown tremendously since we began the group in April of 2014- and i'm so thankful as meetup has brought so many wonderful people into my life - we grow and evolve together.

Many blessings to you all,


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Reiki Refresher Class

The Intuitive Connection

Join us for a Reiki Refresher! If you have taken at least Reiki level I - then you are welcome to join us for this class. Everyone will experience an attunement, crystal healing, reiki drumming and the wonderful experience of a Reiki share. Its a perfect class for those wanting to reconnect to the Reiki energy and to realign and attune! $33 - sliding scale available. Hosted by The Intuitive Connection 2915 Frankfort Avenue Suite A Louisville KY 40206 Suzanne Smith, USUI Reiki Master www.intuitivesuzanne.com [masked]

Intuitive Development - Crystal Healing

The Intuitive Connection


In this dynamic class we will learn about the healing properties of crystals. Please if you have crystals you may bring them along. We will learn how to setup a crystal grid layout for healing - and practice this with a partner. We will close with crystal messages - a fun way to experience a message through crystals. Everyone will take home a crystal. Everyone will receive messages and a reading in this workshop. $20 per person - cash preferred, credit accepted Location: The Intuitive Connection 2915 Frankfort Ave Suite A Louisville, KY 40206 Suzanne Smith www.intuitivesuzanne.com [masked] The Intuitive Connection is a Safe and Inviting Space to Explore your Spirituality Suzanne is an Intuitive Practitioner offering Psychic and Spiritual Assessment Readings as well as Medium Sessions to bring messages through from loved ones that have passed on. Suzanne also offers Medical Intuitive Sessions to bring insight to illness and disease. She offers Past Life Readings and Energy Healing Sessions, teaches many metaphysical classes and is the host of various events at The Intuitive Connection. Suzanne studies at the Arthur Findlay College in England as well as Camp Chesterfield in Anderson, In. She actively studies and practices Shamanism, is a Certified Automatic Intuitive Practitioner by Slade Roberson, Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue, Certified Life Force Energy Healer by Deborah King, Usui Reiki Master and Teacher and is currently studying Medical Intuition with Carolyn Myss. Suzanne also provides intuitive services for parties and events in the Louisville area and serves as a speaker and presenter at various spiritual groups and organizations. Suzanne is a dedicated Intuitive Professional with a respected and growing practice. Private sessions may be scheduled by going to smith.appointy.com. For more info go to www.intuitivesuzanne.com [masked]

Friday Faire at The Intuitive Connection...discounted sessions with Suzanne

The Intuitive Connection


Friday Faire, weekly event at The Intuitive Connection Psychic/Intuitive, Medium or Healing Sessions are only $25 for a 15 minute session. No appointment needed - walk in from 11 am to 6 pm. Stop in for a reading with Suzanne during the Friday Faire, no appointment necessary! A psychic reading is about providing guidance in our life path as well as to provide direction and messages in relationships, career, finance, love, life path and health. A psychic reading is also known as a Spiritual Assessment Medium readings are sessions where Suzanne links with loved ones that have passed. Any questions - send me an email, [masked] or call[masked]

Usui Reiki I & II Certification Class

The Intuitive Connection


Reiki is a practice of a accessing and channeling a life-force energy. It is the practice of becoming one with this higher source energy, with the intent of healing, raising our energy fields and coming into our personal power. Everyone has the ability to attune to this energy, Reiki is available to all! In this Reiki class, you will learn the history and techniques of Reiki. We will also learn about Spiritual Healing, the laws of healing, permission, intent and ethics. You will receive a Reiki attunement which is a very sacred ceremony. You will also access your personal healing symbol along with the traditional Reiki symbols. Symbols are one of the ways of spiritual communication and a very important component of the practice of Reiki. The class will open with an energy clearing for each student, using crystals, sage, sweetgrass, celenite and sound. We will work together to raise your energy and clear any lower energies, to prepare for the attunement. We will move into a guided meditation to bring spirit closer and to align with the divine, the higher source energy. A Reiki Manual will be provided as well as a class certificate. We have plenty of snacks and drinks available. The afternoon will begin with the attunement ceremony, which is a connection to your spirit team, your healer guide(s) and your ascended master(s). We will move into practicing the symbols with information about how to use symbols in your everyday life. We will do a lot of practice, invoking the Reiki, moving energy, scanning and sensing energy, using our psychic senses in our Reiki practice and more. We will spend most of the afternoon working with partners to become comfortable in being a channel, to receive information through our psychic senses and to really feel the transfer of the energy of Reiki as well as to identify source conditions. This is a very active and hands on class! There will be a lot of information presented from an educational sense, but most of this class is about working with energy, sensing and connecting to the beautiful higher source energy known as Reiki. Class is facilitated by Suzanne Smith, Reiki Master. Note from Suzanne, I have been immersed in the metaphysics since 2002. In my Reiki attunement in 2009, it was one of the most intense spiritual experiences in this lifetime. I’ve studied Reiki and Spiritual Healing for many years and I am very excited to bring this to other people, to create a space for learning and spiritual growth. I am a LifeForce Energy Healer by Deborah King, I study Trance Healing in England at the Arthur Findlay College. I’ve also studied Spiritual Healing at Camp Chesterfield in Indiana and I’ve just completed an Advanced Shamanism class with Bob Teets. All of these studies and different teachings have influenced my practice as a psychic, medium, healer and a teacher – and are a component of the teaching of Reiki. I am experiencing a deep calling to practice more healing work as spirit works with me closely to identify the origin of the discomfort. I am in service to help others to learn and grow as healers and to evolve together. In summary, the class will be comprised of the following: · Energy Clearing, Preparation for the Class · Reiki History · Spiritual Healing · The Laws of Healing, Ethics, Permission and Intent · Reiki Hand Positions · Reiki Attunement, a Sacred Ceremony · Japanese Reiki Techniques · Symbols, your Personal Symbol, the Reiki I and II Symbols · Practicing Healing with a Partner during Class You do not need any previous experience in working with energy - to take this class. Please when you RSVP - send Suzanne an email as well.

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Usui Reiki I & II Certification Class

The Intuitive Connection


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