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Welcome and Thank you for stopping by The Intuitive Prospector™ MeetUp group! My work as a Radio Show Host (, Hiking Guide (, Clairvoyant-Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Medical Instructor/Intuitive ( and Inspirational Writer, are to serve, heal, share, guide, teach (and learn), while helping and inspiring others to connect to spirit, self, others and this wonderful world around us! I look forward to "Spiritually Prospecting" with you so that we can explore and discover your "Spiritual Gold!" When you start to feel, sense, and know things you cannot see with your eyes or make sense of logically in the brain, your world, beliefs, thinking, reality, and your life begins to change in an amazing way!

“Explore many Soul Adventures, Discover Spiritual Awesomeness!” ~The Intuitive Prospector™

The Intuitive Prospector™ Spiritual practice was created to help others, serve others and promote an awesome lifestyle for many "Spiritual Prospectors" looking for their own personal "Spiritual Gold" and to live, learn and love each day through many "Soul Adventures," and what I call "Full Soul Progression." Working as a "Spiritual Prospector and Promoter" myself, I work to bring about positive change through body, mind and spirit, help others make a difference in the world, (no matter how small of a difference it is) and is work that I not only love, but I am very passionate about! I accomplish this passion and love for working in spirit on a daily basis through personal readings, lectures, speaking engagements, personal mentoring and development, fun and intuitive workshops, local-spiritual hikes (, daily inspirational writings and many personal healing sessions throughout the year.

I like to say I have been in "service" or caring, helping, protecting others most of my life. From my eight year career in the U.S. Coast Guard and service to my country, to my community and short five year career in the fire department due to medical retirement as a professional fire fighter-EMT, to my current career in service to spirit, our planet and those who live on it. Through my two companies CPR Services Northwest™, ( and The Intuitive Prospector™, ( along with my radio show, Inspired Living with Marc & Kim ( on OM Times Radio, I now help, guide, connect, teach, inspire, transform and heal those who come "prospecting" ( for my services and their own Soul Adventure! ( It is said that the secret of life is doing what you love and being paid to do it, and even though there is a lot of truth to that statement, I also know that we are the only species on earth that pays to live here and there is more to our lives both in the psychical and spiritual worlds and the roads of life is really our classroom or as i like to say, "LIFE = Learn It From Experience." There is one planet, 7.1 billion people on that planet, but there is only one you, so enjoy the ride, learn, grow, help inspire and be in service to others, our planet and yourself. Life is short, question everything!

As a student of life, a world traveler and "Freedom-Preneur" (I love that word!), I am just a guy who enjoys watching sports and Sci-Fi movies, writing and sharing stories, cruising the Pacific Northwest with the top down on my Jeep, shooting hoop's or trying to improve my golf swing! I also just so happen to connect with energy, frequencies and vibrations for those both living and those who have passed over into spirit and connecting to what is both seen and "unseen." My "down-to-earth" approach on how to Explore and Discover our "Spiritual abilities" or use what I call our "Spiritual ABC's" of Awareness, Breathing and Connectingto spirit, the world around us, energy, colors, and all things studied and researched in the fields of metaphysics, spirituality and psychic sciences is how I teach, guide and help others through my practice, The Intuitive Prospector™.

Daily meditations and energy work, weekly development group and study, along with personal mentoring and studying under some of the best spiritual mediums in the world (Eamonn Downey, Jackie Wright, Tony Stockwell, John Holland, Lisa Williams, Janet Nohavec), have also greatly influenced and enhanced my own spiritual journey and Soul Adventure! ( From the Berkley Psychic Institute (BPI) ( in sunny California, to the Omega Institute for Spiritual Living ( beautiful Rhinebeck, New York, to the historical countryside of England at the Author Findlay College ( in Stansted, England and my membership into the Spiritualists' National Union (SNU) ( the UK, my journeys, education, adventures and experiences over the years have molded and shaped my spiritual life path to this day. ​​

"Dare to Dream~Dare to Explore~Dare to LIVE" -The Intuitive Prospector™

~Happy Prospecting & Many Blessings...
Marc Lainhart

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