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The Inventors Road Show™, The Inventors and Innovators Road Show™ and The Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs Road Show™ is now 6000+ strong http://www.theinventorsroadshow.com and has expanded to help not only inventors but innovators and entrepreneurs. Founded by award winning inventor Andrea Rose (To Learn More About Andrea Google "Andrea Rose Inventor"). Andrea has 22 years experience as an award winning inventor who has revolutionized online shopping with her patented virtual "try-on" model used by such notable retailers as H&M, Lands' End, Disney, Federated Department Stores to name a few. She has appeared on national television and has been acclaimed nationally for her innovations

Andrea and her team of notable experts both educate and empower those who either have an idea for an invention or business who want to bring their "Idea to Industry™. During the workshops Andrea will be looking for those "Winning" products to introduce to her marketing alliances which include such companies as "As Seen On TV", mass retailers, catalogs etc. ""The Inventors Innovators and Entrepreneurs Road Show™ " is excited to announce we have teamed up with HSN !!


During each workshop the attendees can participate in "Pitch A Product™ " where they have a specific amount of time to present their ideas and invention to the group. Examples of workshop topics: * Discovering the type of inventor and innovator you are * How to protect your idea. * How to file for a patent *How to reduce costs in getting your "Idea to Industry" * How to market your idea/invention and create your own brand identity * Building your support network to succeed. * How to Pitch Your Idea *How to raise capital in your industry. * Learning how to maintain a positive mental attitude.....against all odds.

Andrea Rose has a private consulting business for inventors. If you would like to schedule a private one-on-one consultation email her at: events@theinventorsroadshow.com. In addition Andrea has recently created the ultimate comprehensive self-help tool Inventing to Win™:Your Road to Inventing and can be purchased on the website www.inventingtowin.com. We welcome your suggestions for topics you would like our workshops to present. We look forward to you attending our workshops.

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