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A NYC based informal and fun group intended to gather together to share tips, exchange information, celebrate their Irish / British heritage, hear from experts, become fascinated by history, discoveries and fun - with hopes there may be some neat discoveries about your family history along the way!

Whether you are fan of genealogy, history, Irish / British culture or are interested in learning more different aspects of history and/or the city - or any combination thereof - this is the group for you. This is open to everyone. Simply: you just need to have an interest in genealogy and/or history!

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*This will be an open research support project I will keep open now through to the end of March*

A letter was received to the NY Irish Center from a friend of a woman Noreen Patterson. Noreen is a 93 year old widow with no children of her own who in 1950 brought over 6 Irish orphans. She lives in Herts, England on her own and "prays for all every day". Her friend Rosaleen was hopeful there may be a way to make contact with one or more of these orphans today.

I will attach the news article that appeared on March 18, 1950 it is believed or 1951 in the New York Herald Tribune (under the above tab "More" and "Files") however summarize a few key details below (the newspaper simply provides the same info plus photos). If you are interested or can assist with look ups or hints it would be great to share the information with their carer from many years ago.

- Miss Mora O'Sullivan (presumably a derivative of Noreen and her maiden name), a nurse from Dublin's St Patrick's Orphanage brought over 6 Irish orphans on St Patrick's Day
- Childrens' names at THIS time were: John Francis (5 yrs old in 1950/1), Mary, Angela, Bernadette (3 yrs old in 1950/1), Joseph and another John.

Mr and Mrs John J Halloran of[masked]th Ave, Jamaica adopted John Francis and Bernadette Theresa. The Hallorans had been married for 13 years at this point. Mrs Halloran was a teacher of second grade students at PS 154,[masked]nd St, Flushing Queens. Both aged 38 years in 1950/1.

- Mary (10mths old) and Joseph (3 years old) were adopted by Mr and Mrs Philip Golletta, of 30-50 Forty Second Street, Astoria, Queens.

- Angela (3 yrs old) adopted by Mr and Mrs Albert Rees, of 265 East 181st Street, the Bronx.

- John Patrick (5 yrs), was "claimed" (word used in newspaper) by Mr and Mrs William J Gooth, of 25 Crescent Street, Bayville, Long Island.

If you are so inclined to do a little research, may be able to point the way to some clues, know them (!) let's see what a community involvement can do! Most will be in their 60s, approaching their 70s. Who knows if they maintained the same names or not.

If you locate any information please post to the specific 'meetup'. The woman who wrote in, her friend Rosaleen Dicks sounds like she may be close to the same age and was by a typed letter so any communication / questions would need to be in writing.

Needs a date and time

Needs a location

*Another request for support that came via email and thus if we need more detail, can obtain*

David Lickley wrote in:

"My grandfather was Willie Ryan from Wilsbrook Castlerea Rosscommon in Ireland. His brother Richard Ryan ( born 1896) sailed on the SS Cedric with his wife Helen ( maiden name Cassidy) and son William in 1928 to join her brother Joseph Cassidy. He lived at[masked]rd street in Brooklyn. Looking at the 1940 NY census I believe he had children called Mary, Richard, Thomas although his date of birth in the entry shows 1898. I believe his two sons were sailors and visited their aunt Mary in Castlrea sometime in the past. My mother ( Kathleen Lickley was Ryan ) and aunt Pat now in their late 70' s would be so thrilled to here from their cousins if there still alive or indeed any of our relations in Brooklyn."

Can you assist and/or provide any tips? If so please post below. I can also reach out to David with any specific questions and would post any info in this detail section.

I will also keep this open to the end of March.
"My intention is to contact remaining relatives in Castlerea to see if they have information about Richard Ryan's family/life in Brooklyn. I have never visited the farm in Ireland but my younger brother went over to see Richards brothers in 1982 but sadly they are all dead now.
I hope I manage to track someone from RIchard s family as my aunt would be so happy. One of her nephews is an airline pilot, he has started flying to New York recently and would love to contact any remaining family in USA .

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