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BOOK CLUB: 2 x American Revolution Themed Books
Having just returned from a visit to Philadelphia and impressed with the new Museum of the American Revolution felt inspired to tap into this subject in two ways: a book club theme + a trip to Philadelphia for our group. I am including TWO books for this January meetup that at your option you can read one or both. I figured with Christmas upcoming you may have a few more minutes to take into two books. These books are available via Amazon as am sure by independent book sellers and the library. In February I will be scheduling a Meetup to Philadelphia so for those interested in seeing this museum, it will put to life some of the reading we will have undertaken. BOOK 1: The Quartet - Orchestrating the Second American Revolution 1783-1789 by Joseph J Ellis Description: In The Quartet, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Joseph Ellis tells the unexpected story of America’s second great founding and of the men most responsible—Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Jay, and James Madison: why the thirteen colonies, having just fought off the imposition of a distant centralized governing power, would decide to subordinate themselves anew. These men, with the help of Robert Morris and Gouverneur Morris, shaped the contours of American history by diagnosing the systemic dysfunctions created by the Articles of Confederation, manipulating the political process to force the calling of the Constitutional Convention, conspiring to set the agenda in Philadelphia, orchestrating the debate in the state ratifying conventions, and, finally, drafting the Bill of Rights to assure state compliance with the constitutional settlement, created the new republic. Ellis gives us a dramatic portrait of one of the most crucial and misconstrued periods in American history: the years between the end of the Revolution and the formation of the federal government. The Quartet unmasks a myth, and in its place presents an even more compelling truth—one that lies at the heart of understanding the creation of the United States of America. BOOK 2: The Traitor's Wife by Allison Pataki (*note there are at least three novels by the same name!) Description:Through the eyes of a fictional lady’s maid, the historical figures of Peggy Arnold and her husband, Benedict—yes, the traitor—come to life in this debut historical novel by the daughter of New York’s former governor, George Pataki. While the general’s name is now synonymous with betrayal, little has been written about his much younger wife. Her servant, Clara, becomes an unwitting and unwilling witness to Peggy’s conniving flirtations with British soldiers and spies, her seduction of the general, and her instigation of his eventual treason. Pataki smoothly weaves intrigue and personality with critical historical facts. The phases of Peggy’s and Clara’s relationship mirror the class differences and rising tensions of the revolutionary era. Clara and her fellow servants, who embody the spirit of the everyday patriot citizen, are written with detail and depth. I will update this Meetup with a location in the coming weeks.

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