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Free Crash Course: Build Your Own Portfolio Site


What You'll Learn

In this crash course we'll be covering the basics of HTML, and CSS. No prior knowledge of either is assumed. This is for beginners.

What Do I Need to Bring?

To get the most out of this, you will need to bring your computer. In this crash course we're working together to make something useful for yourself. I'm going to help you build yourself a simple portfolio website, and if you sign up for Amazon S3, how to get it running up on the Internet.

Some things to note:

1. I'm not assuming any knowledge of HTML.

2. We will be doing this together. I'm not just going to be talking and showing.

3. For those who are prepared for it, we'll actually push it up on the Internet and see it live on our computers and/or phones.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants to learn a little HTML and CSS.

What do I need to know? Nothing in particular.

What do I need to bring? A laptop! Click this link ( to access your Crash Course materials!

I Want to Put This Website on the Web!

Create an account here: If you have an Amazon account already, this should be super easy. We'll show you how to use it during the meetup.

How do I get to downtown? You can check out some different methods of transportation and get more info on parking downtown here (


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KOWORK - Creative Coworking Space
400 N St Paul Street, Suite 900 · Dallas, TX
How to find us

Come upstairs to the 9th floor of the Hartford building, right off of the St. Paul DART stop!

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