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Free Crash Course - Customizing a WordPress theme

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WordPress is the world's most popular blogging engine and content management system. Some estimate that about a quarter of the websites on the Internet run on it. WordPress is easy to setup, easy to use, free (though web hosting isn't), open-source, and highly extensible with a massive amount of plugins available.

In this crash course, we are going to customize a WordPress theme. I am not a WordPress expert but I've customized a couple of themes. Because of this, I won't be trying to tell you everything you can do (as I said, I am not an expert). Rather, my focus will be on how to poke around the code and find what you want, how to experiment, and how to do this safely without endangering your WordPress installation. We will also talk about how you can use Git for source control when doing your theme development and how to move your CSS to SASS.

If you come early to the crash course or stay late, I will help you get setup with WordPress development locally, a good text editor, SASS, and Git.

What do I need to bring? Bringing only yourself, a laptop, and your questions is just fine!

Who is this for? Aspiring web developers. No prior coding experience necessary!

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