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Free Crash Course: Intro to Software Development

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Who is this for? Aspiring software developers. Want a full-time career in coding?...this crash course is a good start.

What You'll Learn? At this Crash course, we're going to give you the big-picture of web and mobile development. NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE IS NECESSARY. Our Front End instructor Eric Sowell ( spend some time breaking down how the Internet works from a developer's perspective and then explain how browsers, servers, mobile devices and apps all fit into the grand scheme of internet things. Have you heard terms like DNS, HTML, Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails, or Swift and you're not exactly sure what they are? Not sure what the difference is between back-end and front-end development? Not quite sure what a server or the cloud is? Our goal is to bring the terms to you in a very understandable way. If you're considering learning how to code or even if you simply want a better understanding of how this industry works, you will not want to miss this one!

If you have questions about terms or ideas that you want Eric to decode, feel free to add them in the comments below.

What do I need to bring? Nothing! Just yourself and your questions for Eric. But if you want to bring a laptop or a notebook to take notes, that's cool - but nothing's required for this one.


If you're interested in exploring our Dallas campus here at The Iron Yard, you can visit our campus page and learn more about us here (


6:30 - Set up and brief overview of The Iron Yard

6:40 - Start the discussion!

7:45 - Q&A

8:00 - End

Ready to start a career in coding and apply into an upcoming Front End Engineering course, beginning June 26? Apply here! (
The Iron Yard
2030 Main St. #420 · Dallas, TX
How to find us

Elevator should be accessible at this time, but always feel free to call/text us at 972-301-2933 for any issues/questions.

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