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Free Crash Course - Intro to JavaScript (live coding!)

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We all use our computers for various things, like Word for writing papers and our browser for using Facebook. Though these programs are great, programming languages are actually our most powerful tool for solving problems with computers. In this crash course we'll use JavaScript as our language and try to think in JavaScript to solve problems.

Who is this for? Aspiring developers. Want a full-time career in coding?...this crash course is a good start.

What You'll Learn
This is an introduction to thinking with code and is meant for beginning programmers. If you don't know any JavaScript, that's okay. You'll learn some of the basics as we go.

What Do I Need To Bring? Wifi-enabled Mac or Windows laptop is recommended. We will be doing some live coding with our online mini-course available at .

What do I need to know in advance? Nothing!

The Crash Course will be taught by one of The Iron Yard ('s instructors, Eric Sowell. Eric has been in software development for 14 years and is active in the Dallas technical community. He is the author of Mobile ASP.NET MVC 5 (Apress, Nov 2013), and writes on his blog at, and tweets under the name @mallioch.


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The Iron Yard
2030 Main St. #420 · Dallas, TX
How to find us

Elevator should be accessible at this time, but always feel free to call/text us at 972-301-2933 for any issues/questions.

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