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Spend a day, week or a year charting a path inward. With a wide variety of classes and trainings you can delve into the depths of your soul. Come experience the best of what we have to offer with one of our trained professionals. You will leave relaxed, refreshed and feeling better than you have felt in years. TheJourneySpace.com offers classes in drumming, yoga, chakra, art therapy, shamanic self-awareness, training programs in alternative medicine, and meditation offered in a beautiful space.

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The Journey Space Open House: February 23rd

The Journey Space - A Healing Arts Center

February Open House: Theme Self-Care 12:00-12:45 Journey Space Welcome 1:00-1:45 Healing the Body: Understanding Biodynamic Basics for Self-Healing With Mimi Ikle-Khalsa 2:00-3:00 Healing the Self: Drum Meditation and Drum Circle with Yolanda 3:30- 4:15 Healing the Soul: TaKaTiNa Rhythm Dance with Marcus Sims 4:30-5:15 Healing the System: Mandala of Holistic Balance with Kate Lanxner 5:30- 6:00 Healing the Heart : Compassion Meditation With Lourdes Billingsley To see all of our upcoming classes: http://thejourneyspace.com/class-schedule

Know your Chakras: Find your Wellness with Kate Lanxner

The Journey Space - A Healing Arts Center

Price: $55 for both classes. This workshop will be all about "learning by doing," led by Kate Lanxner, who has had a holistic practice in chakra balancing and energy healing for two decades. Additionally, she founded and directed a holistic center with several practitioners in Burlington, Vermont for seven years and has recently written a book on stress reduction, "Blueprints for Balanced Peace." An introduction to the chakras, and to the practice of energy healing, has its own chapter. You'll make your own colorful chakra wall chart, and in doing so, learn about how color, tones, and the breath all come into play. No artistic ability required. It can be something to hang on your wall at home. Your chakras? They are your own personal "transformers" that determine how much of universal energy (also known as the "chi") can reach our internal organs, and other body systems. Awareness of how they work, and what can make them open or close, can help you navigate stressful situations in our fast-paced culture. Yoga is one sure way to help keep your chakras open as much as possible, for example. We'll create a relaxed atmosphere, with a guided meditation to healing music, and space to ask questions, as well as to create. The meditation can be done sitting or lying down. Any questions on the workshop? Call or email Kate at[masked] or email [masked] Cost: $55

Creative Workshop: A Mandala of Holistic Balance

The Journey Space - A Healing Arts Center

Open to participants 17 and up. Creating an original mandala has much deeper, meaningful results than coloring a pre-designed one in a book! The mandala you create ( this photo shows a past workshop the instructor, Kate Lanxner, led in Geneva, Switzerland), with your own choice of colors, focuses on body-mind-spirit-heart wellness. There will be a guided meditation to start things off (no experience necessary). You will have a template, a structure to work on if you need it, and lots of time to draw (or choose to collage) images and design elements that mean something to you personally. We will have tables to work on, and fine quality materials. The last half-hour will be devoted to learning a very practical, hands-on method for using this creation as a tool to track your progress week- to- week and month- to- month. Just viewing a mandala on a wall (perfect for a meditation corner) helps us center ourselves, to get grounded, and to balance both sides of the brain. Scroll down to view the link to two short videos which show the process. To save your spot and receive payment details (your contribution is $40, all materials included) you need to email Kate Lanxner at [masked] (please include your phone number) or phone[masked] before noon the day before (Sat. Feb.23). OUR FREE OPEN HOUSE is the 23rd with an intro. to this work. Please see our website www.thejourneyspace.com for details! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8MQIDlGZPU Please note: the date shown in this video no longer is correct. Date is Feb.24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOM4a5G9aT4

Circle of Compassion

The Journey Space - A Healing Arts Center

The Circles of Compassion are in response to the need for transformation and healing in this time of great challenge on earth. Almost all sees and feels the urgency and delicacy of this time. The circle creates a space that serves the healing and spiritual development of the participants and the greater good. Its form is simple. We come into a circle, meditate and call ourselves into the space of compassion and connect to each other creating an energetic altar for our prayers. Then each person has the chance to bring into the formed circle an issue, a person, or a situation. It could be personal to them, to their family, and/or to the larger world. Guided By Lourdes Billingsley Life is Your Teacher As a spiritual, mentor, teacher and healer, my mission is to bring the spiritual and material together by using the lessons of daily life as practice and a tool for healing. At the heart of my teaching are humility, compassion and the understanding that life is an opportunity to learn. I am driven by my own learning as a student on the path of life and it is my calling to share what I have learned. It has been my privilege to work with people for over 20 years to help them find their own truth, their own healing and their own path in the world. Along with my spiritual development and love for God, my devotions in life have been my marriage and the raising of my daughter. References The compassion that Lourdes holds in her work is powerful. It's also a practice she teaches to help you continue working on yourself after the sessions. After seeing many healers, I found that Lourdes' work was unique to them all. I felt truly empowered to see what I needed to do to heal myself. Kimberly Kassner Michigan

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Shamanic Self - Awareness with Christel Libiot

The Journey Space - A Healing Arts Center

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