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FINANCIAL Health. How Important to Your PHYSICAL Health?
• What we'll do To all my friends and members of The Journey to A Healthy Life meetup group. I started this group Dec. 2015 and had over 60 events during 2016 and first quarter of 2017. Thanks everyone that helped me. Mark has had several events during remainder of 2017. I started a separate group last part of 2017 dealing with financial health. That effort has added tremendously to my financial wellbeing. Blockchain and Universal (crypto) currencies. The Blockchain technology is rapidly changing the business world. It is improving the efficiency and security of thousands of businesses and municipalities worldwide. Including the City of Boise and Wal-Mart. Blockchain, has also enabled the creation of Universal currencies. (Crypto Currencies) Starting with Bitcoin and now growing into several hundred of these crypto currencies worldwide. If you think Bitcoin is just digital monopoly money. Then meet me for coffee paid for with my Bitcoin funded Visa card used anywhere you use your bank funded Visa card. Japan and many other countries have approved crypto currency exchanges. *Come learn and grow with us The Boise Techmall (1550 S. Cloverdale at Overland Rd.) Every Thursday @ 1PM A smaller group of us meet Monday through Friday evenings 6:30 PM at Boise Techmall or at our personal residence. And if you are interested in how Real Estate Is getting funded by a crypto currency like Bitcoin, stay for the 2 PM meeting and learn about The Lending Coin Call, text or email for more info Dan Cada [masked][masked] *There is nothing in this for me personally, except helping my friends improve their life style. • What to bring • Important to know

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The Journey to a Healthy Life is an educational, motivational and support group with the purpose of providing a safe place to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves related to health and fitness. Along this journey we enjoy social interaction and being with enthusiastic and fun-loving friends.

On our Journey to a Healthy Life, It is really just all of us helping all of us.

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