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Older Guys! Do you crave the physical attractiveness and exuberance of youth?
Younger Guys! Do you yearn for someone older to mentor you and add to your life's success? There are many reasons why younger and older men seek each other's company. Such relationships can be filled with great joy and mutual satisfaction. But perils lurk. This meetup, hosted by Craig Hallenstein, psychologist and author, is intended for those seeking, or already in, mixed-age relationships looking for ways to navigate the perils while maximizing the joy. Perhaps you're embarrassed by desiring someone considerably older or younger and would like the support of like-minded men. Perhaps you were hurt in a mixed-age relationship and wonder if you should try again. Maybe you'd like guidance on introducing a new love to your children who are older than him, or how to tell your parents you're moving in with a man older than them. Or maybe you're just starting out and want to know how to distinguish a serious, high-quality person from one you ought to judiciously avoid. Wherever you are in your journey for love, that's where the conversation begins. The Meetup will convene monthly in my home in Woodstock, two blocks from the Metra Northwest station. Rides will be available from the station for anyone needing a lift.

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