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Charlie Parker Birthday SMOKER!!
I've asked some of you to assist me in this Charlie (Bird) Parker birthday celebration at Lincoln Cemetery, so I thought I would just open it up to all of the membership in case they might like to come out on a pretty day smoke a cigar listen to some great jazz music. You might bring a chair perhaps, and a pair of gloves in case I might ask you to help, or you might just sit there and smoke a cigar - it's all good. Although in past years I have had as many as 250+ people show up, due to the politics of the jazz scene here (some of which think that generator and power supplies, stages and a Porta Potty are appropriate, I and the owner decidedly, do not) this one will be very casual and low key. I will be bringing some records for our listening pleasure as we sit and watch and see what happens....people will show up to pay their respects to "Bird", and some will bring their horn to play some tunes right their at the grave. It's been said that Bird one made it known that he "never wants to go back to Kansas City", his mother felt differently and brought him back. But the curious thing is that, in fact, his wish was honored, because as he was laid to rest next to his mother a few feet into an unincorporated area, Blue Summit- not in Kansas City, Mo. So grab "something" to drink, something to smoke and a chair, and enjoy a beautiful afternoon in a nice setting and let us celebrate the birth of one of the greatest musicians in the history of the world. PS: afterwards we may retire to our patio 7 mi away (or go somewhere in any case.)

Lincoln Cemetery

809 Truman Rd 64105 · Blue Summitt, MO

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A gentleman's cigar club based on cigars, networking and the camaraderie of like minded individuals who are interested in learning more about cigars, food, spirits and wine at upscale Kansas City cigar friendly venues. Since late summer of 2013 we have gathered together every 10-14 days at various locations around the metro.

Membership is by invitation ONLY, we welcome your attendance at our next meeting to see if we are truly something that fits for both you, as well as the balance of our members. Annual membership in the KCCN is currently $100.00 (with dues increasing in cost as we accrue additional members). I anticipate that by the end of summer 2016 we will have 60+ members. Please join us.

We have a very casual, low key atmosphere at our meetings that is something our membership really looks forward to attending. We all work hard, so getting together to relax and enjoy friends with a good cigar is what we're all about!

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