What we're about

This meetup is for people who want to learn how to build genuine lasting and successful relationships, while understanding themselves and what's getting in their way...

Do you struggle to understand why some relationships work out for you and others don’t? Do you know exactly what the key factors to building strong connections and relationships with people are, how well you are currently able to practice these and how to exponentially improve?

Understanding what it takes to build a really meaningful and successful relationship with someone, unfortunately, isn’t something we learn in school (otherwise this group wouldn’t exist!). For many of us, relationships are more a matter of trial and error that often doesn’t seem to be taking us any closer to our goal of finding someone we can build a long-term fulfilling life with.

The good news is that while human beings are complicated, they are also very simple too and there is much you can learn and understand that will make a dramatic difference to your relationships. Not just your romantic relationships, but those in your family, your friendships and those with your colleagues at work too.

This group will help you to be supported and guided in learning the fundamentals of strong relationships and more importantly, how to apply them to your own life so you’re not compromising on your own wants and needs, but complimenting them. It all starts with you and here you will learn key success factors such as:

• Understanding your own unique value and how to communicate this

• How to build a strong sense of self-esteem, confidence and inner security

• How to distinguish between those you can build a successful relationship with and those you can’t (very critical!)

• What your own blocks and limitations are that may be holding you back and how to unlock those

• How to say no to people and situations that aren’t right for you

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