INTRODUCTION TO DAO. What is Cultivation of Dao?

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Introduction to Dao
What is Dao?
We will seek to uncover this profound, inextricable, great unifying force that holds us and keeps the universe in place. We must first understand the seed of Truth and fruit of Creation (Dao), that which grows only deeper and higher as we nurture it with love and come to fully appreciate its preciousness within us.
This Way, this Dao, can be traced to other similar descriptions of the path of the aspirant or disciple, of all those who have walked this Way before and all those to follow. For the path is not far for those who seek to become the Path itself. This path is a way of discipline, of increasing enlightenment, of service to humanity and of a growing responsiveness and sensitiveness to the current reality of circumstances.
What is Cultivation? To nurture and improve on the various aspects of our hidden human nature. By sustained cultivation of our human nature, we will ultimately achieve our divine goal - our *divine nature*.