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Delta Green: Believe and embrace the conspiracy!
After having Delta Green fake their deaths for a deep cover op, the Agents have lost their New Mexico rights. As in: get out, don't be seen ever again, don't come back, don't compromise the conspiracy by letting anyone know you are still alive. Toward that end, DG has set them up with new identities and jobs about as far away from New Mexico as you can get and still be in the 48 - a sleepy little area in the northeast close to the New Hampshire/Massachusetts state line. That's right, smack dab in the heart of Lovecraft country! Welcome to the next phase of the campaign... We've all heard of conspiracy nuts. Well, what if those nuts happened to be U.S. federal agents? What if those agents weren't nuts? The PC's are federal agents and/or law enforcement agents and/or other allies who, in addition to their normal day job, are also members of, or "friendlies" of, a completely illegal cell-structure conspiracy. They investigate possible paranormal events and activities and protect the country against the actual paranormal threats that they find during these investigations. These braves souls not only face criminals but also face Cosmic Terror in this modern day investigative struggle against Cthulhu Mythos horror, and personal, possibly global, apocalypse. Welcome to Delta Green. Delta Green operations have four basic steps: I. Identify the possible existence of a preternatural anomaly. (Generally A-cell) II. Confirm or deny the anomaly as preternatural in nature. III. Eliminate the source of the preternatural anomaly. IV. Ensure public ignorance of both Delta Green and preternatural threats. II - IV fall to troops on the ground, i.e. your, or other, cell(s). Please see the discussions/message boards for Agent Axioms for tips for survival. Calvin is Mateo Standing Bear - Border Patrol Agent Mike is Drank Costanza - FBI Special Agent Zak is Carlos?

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