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The Kink-Collective is a leather family. We are an ever-expanding group of people who are connected as a family by choice. What binds us together is the belief in and practice of the philosophy of People Before Kink.

Mission Statement:

WE exist to carry the philosophy of People Before Kink to the community at large and to embody this principle in order to promote personal growth and responsibility in ourselves and others.

People Before Kink is the simple belief that who we are should always come before what we do, particularly as it relates to the BDSM/kink/fetish lifestyle. We practice getting to know each other as people and caring for one another on a deep level BEFORE we engage with each other as players. We believe that achieving and maintaining these kinds of relationships require effort and dedication and as a group we are all committed to this kind of work, with ourselves and each other.

WE believe in the importance of trust, communication, loyalty, and respect. The energy is always growing at the Kink-Collective events. The bonds tighter, the family larger & the community bigger. We seek to make an imprint on every guest that attends, not just for the evening, but throughout their whole fetish journey.

Based on our philosophy of People Before Kink, all the Kink collective events start with a 45 minute social period. This time allows us to connect with those around us and gives us time to connect with others as PEOPLE FIRST, not facilitators. We believe if you know the people around you, your inhibitions will lower and your curiosities rise. The chances of experiencing those deeper connections multiplies, and connections happen.



The work we do is centered around the philosophy “People Before Kink”. It means that who we are is more important than what we do. Everything is based on creating a safe, non-judgemental space where people can feel seen and heard, through the lens of BDSM and the leather lifestyle. Based on over 15 years of professional service, Joshua has developed a three-part program for facilitating growth. These three programs are Mentorship, Training and Sessions. The descriptions of these programs are below. For more information and to sign up, contact us at kinkcollectivenyc@gmail.com


The mentorship program is designed to help you start or refine your journey. Through guided introspection, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself, resulting in more authentic and meaningful connections. You will learn about negotiation -- the process by which we take what we learn about ourselves and begin to share it with others. The Mentor-mentee relationship will increase your ability to meet, invest, share and experience life with others, openly and honestly. Its goal is launching a lifelong journey of self realization.


Training is an opportunity for hands on experience with various tools and techniques. It teaches you to take your enhanced knowledge of self and deepen your communication skills. The focus is not on the mechanical process of what we want to do to each other, but on the desired goal of how do we want to feel with each other? It is devoted to developing skills, with an emphasis on safety and consent, and to the practical application of negotiation.


These are one-on-one guided experiences, tailored specifically for you. Together we will connect through deep and meaningful conversations that lead to respect and trust. The establishment of trust and genuine rapport facilitates an experience different from any you have had before. You will be challenged to look within. You will acquire confidence and begin to see your true value. You will also bring your negotiation skills to a new level - not only becoming skilled at knowing and asking for what you want, but learning how to make safe space for others to do the same. These experiences will help you see the unlimited potential of BDSM for personal growth and development.


Who is the Kink-Collective meant for?

The Kink Collective welcomes all who seek meaningful connection, open communication, and continuous learning. We are a community based on inclusivity and personal responsibly. We engage and support one another on our journeys through kink and fetish, as well as gender, sexual orientation and all the other areas of our lives.

The Kink Collective is also an all-inclusive space for those who feel homeless and disconnected from the community. We embrace those who are looking for more than instant gratification and transactional play, those who seek more authenticity and genuine connection in their relationships with others.

The Kink Collective is for anyone in this community, or interested in becoming part of it.

Are you in a polycule?

The Kink Collective is for you.

Are you a nonbinary or transgendered person who is looking to be surrounded by understanding and acceptance?

The Kink Collective is for you.

Are you brand new and looking to dip your toes into the big world of BDSM?

The Kink Collective is for you.

Are you a seasoned Daddy or Mommy looking for a supportive environment in which to play?

The Kink Collective is for you.

If you seek to connect, share, socialize and play with conscious intent, to forge deeper intimacy and meaningful bonds with others who are on a personal journey of discovery, then the Kink Collective is here for you.

Come join us for a social, educational or play event and get to know us.

Adult Play, Harm Reduction and Psychological Health

Despite the prejudices of some, an authoritative Psychology Today article explained that “BDSM may serve as both a healing and harm reduction approach to trauma and emotional pain.” The article states that BDSM is not pathological, but it “can also be used in a therapeutic sense, both in trauma healing and for some, as a harm reduction approach.” Membership in the Kink-Collective assures that all bdsm activities will be refereed and conducted under safe conditions between fully consenting adults.

Further, a 2015 article in The Atlantic reports a “dramatic improvement in mental health” from consensual bdsm activities. The article describes how bdsm activates “repressed emotions in order to process them in a safe and supportive environment.” It continues: “A study from the Netherlands found a greater prevalence of positive psychological traits in BDSM practitioners than in the general public. The practitioners were less neurotic, more extraverted, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, less rejection sensitive, and had higher subjective well-being.”

Changing lives one spanK at a time!


While this is the standard at most events, I find it’s important to remind people of the rules when attending an event of ours. We do it as a clear reminder to al6l in attendance so there aren't any "Oh, I didn't know" instances. It’s important we host an event drama free and with safety first in mind. If there are any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding our rules and regulations please feel free to inbox us. Your input is valuable to us.


Do not touch before asking,

EVER.Everybody is equal REGARDLESS of how YOU identify.

Respect the privacy of scenes in progress.



We all Help to maintain the integrity and compliance of scene safety.Keep your play scenes safer.If you aren't sure, ask.



This includes requests to do scenes, touching people or implements and inappropriate behavior.

No Violence, threats or challenging behavior.

Kink-Collective holds the final decision.House safe words are red and yellow.

Anyone can withdraw consent at any time.

Once consent is withdrawn, activity must stop immediately. Partners need to share safewords and safe signs during pre-scene negotiations.

You are responsible for your guests' behavior.

You attend at your own risk.

The Top is legally responsible for stopping the activities at any suggestion that the bottom has withdrawn consent.

The bottom is ethically responsible for being clear and unequivocal when withdrawing consent.

If you have a concern, or witness a consent violation, please address it directly with us. No matter how small you may think it is.

BDSM play can be intense. If you are or think you are being triggered by something, it is YOUR responsibility to remove yourself from the area and take care of yourself.

Ask for help If you are going to engage in any sort of Edge Play (knives, fire, suspension, etc.), please notify a DM in advance so that if we have to respond to a problem, we know in advance what we are dealing with.

No phone usage in the play space, please step outside to make a call or text.

Coat check is available to guests. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

The DM and staff have the right to observe and monitor scenes for safety at any time.

Clean equipment prior and post use. You don’t know who used it last.

We will hold everyone to these standards and there is a 1-strike policy. Anyone who cannot conduct themselves in a courteous and socially appropriate manner will be escorted off premises and excluded from any future KINK-COLLECTIVE events. It's our standard message that we've posted throughout the establishment as well....

We have always had a mission to make our mixed-gender events ALL inclusive. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc... we are ALL on this journey of finding ourselves in and out of the bedroom.

We are all kinky.. we all have desires. Join us to celebrate our kink exploration freedom under one roof. Men. Women. Gay. Straight. White. Black. Anywhere on these spectrums.

Provided are links for anyone who feels they’ve been victimized.

New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault


New York State Coalition Against Sexual Assault



We are all one.

We have always been and will continue to be all-inclusive.


We look forward to meeting you.


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