Brew Over Design Networking Event


A meet-up for designers of all shapes and sizes.

No workshops, no presentations, no set agenda. Just you, a brew and like-minded pixel-tweakers.

Brew Over Design is a semi-annual event to strengthen the Kitchener-Waterloo design community. It's the chance to meet with your peers, share your work, get feedback, and share expertise in a casual atmosphere (plus, booze).

If your throat needs a break from all the shop-talk, there will also be design-spirited contests, portfolio review sessions with local designers, art by local artists for sale, and who knows what else afoot. –Spots will be limited for portfolio reviews. Sign up begins at 7pm at the door!

All design-minded folk are welcome. Come all ye graphic designers, ye user experience architects, ye designer/analysts and everyone in-between. You're among friends.

Remember to bring business cards and a portfolio (if you like) and money to buy brews of all sorts from our lovely host, DVLB!