What we're about

Anyone interested in acting or film making in general that would like to meet up regularly to practice the craft, our classes are very affordable, and our members love them.

What's the age range?
Applicants ages 18+ and from beginner to expert are welcome to apply

Do I have to provide my own camera, film and processing, or digital and/or film stock?
The Program provides all cameras, film & processing, and digital media. Depending on the course, the equipment/media quantities may vary. Some members elect to bring their own camera or other equipment; however, MTS does not insure outside gear.

What is the cost of classes
The tuition is based on the number of credits in your desired class. At the beginning of each class description you will find the number of credits for each class as well as the dates, days and times it meets.

For example, a two-unit class would be $80.00 (USD) for tuition only.
2 credits x $40.00 = $80.00
4 credits x $40.00 = $160.00
6 credits x $40.00 = $240.00
8 credits x $40.00 = $320.00

What's the membership fee?
MTS Film Program is only $780 per year for limited time, all of which is given back to you as Credits, in addition to all other membership benefits.

Where is the location of these classes & workshops?
All our classes at our West Hollywood chapter.

Upcoming events (2)

Make A Demo Reel In A Day

Needs a location

This unique event offers the chance to make mini clips for use in your demo reels. Cast yourself in your ideal role. In this unique event, you will have the opportunity to create a high-quality demo clip that resembles a professional film. To RSVP (REQUIRED) https://bit.ly/MTSMakeADemoReelInADayEB062020 Steps: Select a short scene that is around half a page, to a full page in length. The final demo clip should come to 30-45 seconds. All scenes must work with the pre-determined set *** If you would like to have a scene written for you, you must provide us with a prompt. (Ex: A couple breaks up) along with the desired tone of the scene (ex: comedic) What to bring Costumes if you provided your own script. Cost: $200: demo + you write the script (Delivered same day) $250 demo + we write the script (Delivered same day)

Creating a Short Film: Directing

Online event

This digital class covers the basics of producing, the process that kicks off every new film, and sees it through to completion. This class is the last class of 5 classes for creating a short film: Part 1: Creating a Short Film: Producing - April 18 Part 2: Creating a Short Film: Writing - May 2 Part 3: Creating a Short Film: Pre-Production - May 16 Part 4: Creating a Short Film: Working with Actors - May 30 Part 5: Creating a Short Film: Directing - June 13 To RSVP (REQUIRED) https://bit.ly/MTSCreatingShortFilmP5 This digital class covers directing. You will learn how to shoot a script, and discover different types of shots to tell the film's story. Find out how to give direction to your crew and be a good leader, while staying on budget and on schedule. Plus, get ideas to improve shots during retakes or in post, and to become a better director, storyteller, and communicator. What you can learn - Maximize the onscreen value of your project using available resources - Learn how to write, direct. - Breaking down a scene - Blocking the action - Effective Shot Selection - Directing the performance This program is perfect for... - Aspiring directors looking for a hands-on education to learn the art of making short movies - Self-taught filmmakers who want to build upon their skills with formal training and mentorship - Entertainment professionals looking for a career transition into directing - Individuals passionate about storytelling and independent filmmaking Topics include: - What a director does - Interpreting the script - Scouting locations - Choosing the tone and theme of the film - Using motifs - Shaping the story through visuals - Being a good leader on set - Respecting budgets and schedules - Planning shots - Moving the camera: on a tripod or dolly or in handheld shots - Using rolling takes - Framing shots - Adding atmospherics

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Creating a Short Film: Working with Actors

Online event

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