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Do you want to rock your life? Do you want to love your body no matter what? Do you want to have thriving relationships? Do you want to love the work you do and get paid well for it?

Do you want to pursue your passions while getting in shape?

Do you want to thrive and continually manifest your dreams?


If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions then this group is definitely for you! I decided to start this group because I believe we are meant to thrive in every area of our lives and for those parts of our lives to fit together harmoniously. As The Dancing Life Coach, I found that when I consistently danced, my life flowed better. I found that when I consistently danced, my confidence increased and I was able to go after the things I wanted personally and professionally. I created a method to dance and change our challenges while manifesting what we want as a result.

The purpose of this group is to dance your way into your dream life. This group is an opportunity for you to shift those areas of your life that are stuck or advance those areas that are going well. You will receive support from a kickass community of fellow dancing visionaries. The dance we do is ZUMBA and Deep House.

We hold ruts and blocks in our bodies. Moving your body can open your life in more ways than just getting a good workout. When you open your body, you open your mind. When you open your mind, solutions will come to lose weight in feel-good ways, to make more money, and to pursue your true passions.

Be in full connection to your body, mind, and soul to create the changes it's time you experienced.

Throughout these Meetups we will dance and do interactive exercises where you will discover what's blocking your next level of success (weight loss, loving your body no matter what, leave the corporate hell hole). The intention is for you to clarify your next step(s) regarding that challenge and to open you up to new ideas that will result in powerful actions and outstanding outcomes. Many of us enjoy personal growth workshops, but it can be challenging to endure all the sitting in a classroom-style environment. And it can get boring. How often have you nodded off during a workshop or seminar? Sooo, the DanceShop spices this up with dance and fun expressive movement, incorporating our bodies into the transformational work. Instead of just sitting on our butts, our entire bodies are engaged. Our bodies get to be the intentional and literal vehicles for creating the change we want to experience in our lives.

Who am I? I've been passionate about the combination of dance, creativity, personal development, and spirituality for a loooong time. I am a Licensed ZUMBA instructor, Certified Life Coach, and Dance Instructor. I've invested thousands of dollars and countless hours learning from an array of skilled teachers in dance, personal growth, and spirituality. I came to develop my own methodology and ideology, which I am passionately authoring in the upcoming book "Feel Good Kick Ass Confidence: Using Your Body to Rock Your Life." I'm thrilled to share what I've picked up on my life journey with you as I have with many others. (Check http://www.FeelGoodKickAss.com for more info).

Are you ready to move some energy and rock your life through dance? Attending this meetup could seriously and possibly be the best decision you've made yet this year!

Feel good and kick ass!

~ Valerie

The Dancing Life Coach

(424) 341-2315


You can find awesome inspirational and practical rock-your-life posts and videos at www.Facebook.com/feelgoodkickass or Instagram: @FeelGoodKickAss.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

P.S. This Meetup group is open to women and men and those who identify in-between.

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