Getting your copy into code (or how to make devs ❤️ you)

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Writing for user interfaces isn’t about tweaking text to make it a bit nicer. As writers and content experts, we can contribute to a good user experience by writing better explanations - or we can think about the bigger picture, and make products that are easy to understand.

When you’re asked “Can you rewrite this message?”, there’s often a better design solution than just improving the text. But if the solutions are too much work for the development team to build, they won’t happen.

In this workshop, run by the legendary Beth Aitman, we’ll look at some examples of user interface text, and develop three different solutions to each design problem:

> A solution that involves only changing the text (and so minimal developer effort).

> A solution with the best user experience you can think of (even though it might be a lot of work to build).

> A compromise between the first two.