What we're about

An opportunity for people in the area to meet new people and organize social activities like local dining, gallery crawls, house parties, walks (with and without dogs), bike rides, movies (like the Acme), theatre, picnics, local music. Our feedback is that this is our members favorite Meetup Group.

Upcoming events (2)

Optimistically-Bowman's Tavern

Bowman's Tavern

Scheduled event is based on significant reduction of Covid transmission I will give people plenty of notice. Safety first.
Let's hope we can return to the live music and friendship in person. People are free to reserve tables in piano bar area if tey wish, otherwise, we will be at bar.

10th Annivasary (at Triumph New Hope)

Triumph Brewing Company of New Hope


This is the 10th Anniverary for the Lambertville New Hope Meetup. Join us at Triumph Brewery in New Hope (as long as Covid is "under control). We generally start at the back bar. Come out to see old friends or make new ones.
I am requestiong a $5.00 donation to help pay for the annual Meetup fee ($180.)

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