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Persian New Year [Norooz] Charity Bazaar: Food, Music, Culture
[This is an event of our other group "Nerds & Friends", I'm sharing it here for our friends in this group. Original post / RSVP list here: ] Hey Everyone, So the Persian new year [Norooz] is almost here, and as promised I'm taking the group to a Persian Norooz bazaar where we can enjoy Persian food, music and all sorts of cultural bits. You're all invited to join us! ;) The bazaar is organised by a charity organisation which gathers money to help the children in Iran. More information about the event can be found on the flyer here I've personally never been to this particular bazaar before so I'm afraid I can't yet tell you about the quality of the food et al. But as most of you know already I'm half Persian and speak the language, so I can play tour guide / translator if needed. ;) And we can also head to a cafe or some such afterwards and chat about whatever you may like to know further about. We will be meeting at HB at about 14:00, and head to the bazaar together from there. [Our usual code of conduct applies to this event. ] Cheers, A+

Zurich HB - Under the blue angel hanging from the ceiling.

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This group is dedicated to languages and linguistics, as well as the culture and history attached to them. If you'd like to learn, practice, discuss or share your knowledge of languages, this is the right place for you.

The group was founded in 2011, by my friend Carmen, who came across the idea while visiting Sweden. At the time there was no such groups in Zurich, and she decided to start one. Throughout the years this group has given many people the opportunity to teach and learn a variety of languages. We intend to keep it that way. =)

Join the group, attend our events and have lots of fun learning new languages and improving existing skills! And if you'd like to organise your own language events, please drop me a line.

The original title of the group was "Zurich's Language Exchange", and as of January 2018 we changed it to the current one. This was due partly to our community evolving, and the fact that we are now doing quite a bit more with languages than simply exchanging them. We have been digging into literature and having hours long linguistics discussions. We have been exchanging golden nuggets out of culture and history. And we felt that the group needed a title that reflected that. On the other hand unfortunately the group's name had been copied too many times, resulting in confusion for the people trying to find our community. [Please note that we are not in any way associated with any other language groups.]

Oh, and we now have a Slack channel that we use to discuss events, activities and all related topic. If you'd like to join, please drop me a line with your email address so that I can invite you.

Mind you, this group has a code of conduct (

Cheers and see you all soon!


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