Past Meetup

GERMAN: All Levels [2 hours] from 19.00 to 21.00

Starbucks Coffee

Limmatquai 144, 8001 Zürich · Zürich

How to find us

The location is "Starbucks Central", it's right in front of the Central tram station.

Location image of event venue


Hi Everyone,

So it's that time of the year and many of us are still away, but for anyone who is going to be in the vicinity, let's get together on Tuesday to practise German and have some fun. =)


With the new year, let's try some of us the ideas we've been discussing for a while. So far we've had a lot of open discussion in the group, and then when needed and asked for I've offered some themes to discuss. Of course general discussions are great for our members getting to know eachother, and for getting started with the language. But for many members who have been there often so far, and also have higher skill levels in the language, I think very often this is not a complex enough practice. So let's try something more suitable.

From now on we will work on having a couple of "discussion tables" for people in need of more serious practice. At these tables, each person will talk about a theme that they have prepared on their own. Anything that they are interested in. And everyone else will try to offer opinions, discuss, or ask questions, as much as they can or they are interested.

For anyone who is interested in joining the discussion tables, please prepare yourself a theme to discuss. I will as always have themes prepared, but usually each of us has a different interest, and discussing a certain book, news article or movie might not be interesting for everyone. So prepare to talk about a subject of your own choosing.


If you are a native German speaker, it would be fantastic if you could join the meetup and help us improve. Or if you know any native German speakers who are willing to help, please bring them along. With the growing number of our attendees, we are always in need of more native speakers.

If at any point during the meetup, you have a question, suggestion or need help with something, please feel free to come and talk to me [Ahoo] or one of my co-hosts. Don't worry about breaking conversations, we're definitely not deciding the fate of the universe. ;)

If you're planning on attending, please do us a favour and RSVP. We do not limit the number of RSVPs due to various reasons, including the fact that we never know how many seats we may have available to us at Starbucks. Therefore please keep in mind that when the group is large or the venue is crowded, there might be a "first come first serve" situation in regards to the seats. [This is rare, but could happen.]