Hi Everyone,

Since last event was quite a success, I'd like to announce a third meetup!

Last time there has been large interest in Chinese and Japanese. However all Asian languages, and all levels, are welcome at this event. If you're interested in teaching or learning a specific language, you'd simply have to find others with relevant interests at the event. I'm happy to help you with this too :)

Please fill in the two profile questions to help us organise the event:
-What is your mother tongue?
-Which language would you like to practice and what's your level?

Therefore other people can see what you like to practice (including your level). If you'd like to avoid filling out your profile, feel free to write a comment on the event, telling what Asian language you're interested in.

The event will again take place at the Starbucks in front of Sihlquai/HB, because everyone enjoyed the tranquil atmosphere there.

I'll probably won't be able to hold this event more frequently than once a month. If you'd like to help in the future with co-hosting and organizing the events, please speak to either Ahoo or myself about this.

Please note: An RSVP / being on the attendance list is required for attending this event. If you are going to cancel your attendance, please do so early as possible to allow others to use the spot.

See you!


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