Past Meetup

GERMAN: All Levels [2 hours] from 19.00 to 21.00


Hi Everyone,

As usual, let's get together on Tuesday to practise German and have some fun. =)

How the event works:

Quite simply! We sit together in groups of [ideally] 5 or 6, and we have open conversations on various themes. We speak only in German, and try to improve by listening to each-other, communicating with as much skills we have, and correcting each-other. Ideally each group has a couple of more skilled speakers who can help and correct others, and we generally try to have several mother-tongue German speakers as well.

The groups are generally a mix of people with different skill levels, with the exception of the advanced discussion tables which have their own functions [explained below]. If you are a beginner or your skills are not great, don't worry. The point is to try to communicate with the knowledge we have, try to get used to the language, and improve our skills with each-other's help.

If you are a native German speaker, it would be fantastic if you could join the meetup and help us improve. Or if you know any native German speakers who are willing to help, please bring them along. With the growing number of our attendees, we are always in need of more native speakers.


About The Advanced Discussion Tables:

As of the beginning of 2014, we have a new "feature" in our meetups for members who would like a bit of a more serious practice. Mind you, this does not mean that you have to have advanced language skills to join, only that you are serious about improving your skills.

Members who are interested in joining these tables, will prepare a theme or a subject of their own interest to discuss. How much you "prepare" is your own choice, what matters is that you have something to bring to the table. [Could be a book, a movie, something out of your profession or studies, your hobbies, or even a news article you skimmed through on the train.] So you don't really have to do homework for this, just have something on your mind to talk about.

Depending on the number of participants at the table, each person will have a specific amount of time to discuss their topic, so that everyone will have a chance to talk. After everyone has had their turn, if there is more time left, we can go back to whichever topic we'd like, and talk some more.

If you are interested in joining the advanced discussion tables, please come find me. Also please note that anyone planning on joining the advanced table will have a spot even if the event is full.


If at any point during the meetup, you have a question, suggestion or need help with something, please feel free to come and talk to me [Ahoo] or one of my co-hosts. Don't worry about breaking conversations, we're definitely not deciding the fate of the universe. ;)

Please note: An RSVP / being on the attendance list is required for attending this event [this does NOT include being on the waiting list]. The event organizers reserve the right to screen the RSVP list. [Native German speakers can attend without registration. ;)] If you are going to cancel your attendance, please do so early as possible to allow others to use the spot. Last minute cancellations / "no shows" can affect your ability to reserve a spot in the future. Also please keep in mind that when the group is large or the venue is crowded, there might be a "first come first serve" situation in regards to the seats. [This is rare, but could happen.]




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