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Everyone can have conversations that build trust. In this fun feedback morning event, you will be able to see the intricacies of human communication. You don't get to see them in life because everyone is submerged in different systems that pressure. You will get new lenses to handle any situation that may be holding you back from receiving the money and love you deserve. Come and meet us! The feedback is based on "The Language of Connection" online course which Mariana Cortez developed. It's a review of her 10 year coaching career where she has seen people can keep their momentum and their power: She studied in Europe at Sage University this method of communication which is called "The Sage Method". You will learn: • How to "attract" instead of "chase" after results. • Focus your conversation on events rather than interpretations. • How to connect instantly and effectively with clients. • How to have conversations with higher levels of vitality & excitement. • How to make instant connections. • How to create a dialogue that builds trust. • Discover how to get your way by giving in. • Explore self-destructive habits and behaviors. • Develop an environment of unconditional love and acceptance. • Reduce or eliminate conflict from your relationships. • Forge a new basis for cooperation within your business teams. Call or text Mariana Cortez at (512)[masked] to RSVP. Thank you! :::: Mariana Cortez's BIO: Mariana Cortez is a "Language of Connection" Communication Coach that shows individuals or business teams to create conversations that build trust instead of resistance. It's with a method she learned in Europe called the Sage Method where everyone can communicate with the honor of the heart and the game theory that moves people into action. Before starting her own coaching practice, she worked for Dell Inc. for 11 years. Four of those years were as a sales & communication coach. She received advanced coaching training at Sage University in Europe. ( Mariana's function is to be a Director of Communication for companies so that everyone can stay clear and productive. Mariana says, "You can successfully inspire everyone around you to cooperate with your goals."

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This is a group for professionals, executives, leaders, entrepreneurs who are interested in improving their communication skills to be more effective in what they do and create better personal and professional relationships. You will see how you impact personal relationships and/or business deals with your communication and how to get what you want with games and aliveness instead of "work" or believing the drama that people bring. Who wants to work less at life? If you said "Me!!!" then these coaching evenings are for you. Please text me to RSVP to know if you are really coming (512) 636-8846 Mariana Cortez.

Here is a link of the different communication tools that we go over. I made these videos in Berlin together with one of my co-coaches over there in Germany:

Big hug! Come and get some clarity about what is really going on behind words in a conversation!

Mariana Cortez
(512) 636-8846

Call me or text me anytime if you would like a free 30 minute session.
I need a host for these evenings because the Cafe Express at Eldridge is not working. I need someone's living room or conference room please. I need your help. Thank you!

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