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Summoning all Planeswalkers and fellow cardboard-crack heads.

This group was created for people seeking a casual play environment, without the funny smells and strange people that come with tournaments and card shops. Competitiveness is encouraged, but not at the cost of fun, like those epic battles you've had with your buddies.

We'll play Free-For-All and EDH/Commander formats, with larger games being Two-Headed Giant or Knights vs. Assassins/Emperor.

Besides the 4 copies max per deck rule, no cards are banned or restricted. However, if you have a particularly irritating deck or combo, don't be surprised if you are targeted early and often :). We will defer to for any dispute over rules.

General Code of Conduct: (see also Common Sense)

• Do not touch or take what isn't yours (cards, beers, girlfriends) without owner's permission.

• Members must be age 18 and up.

• All experience levels encouraged to join, we'll go easy on ya.

• Be cool. It's not the end of the world if a player forgets to do upkeep stuff before he/she draws, etc.

We are all about enjoying the game we love. This group is not affiliated with any card store, nor will it ever be.

Most importantly, check the House Rules on each Event.

We are a tight-knit group. Please do not join if you won't be attending meet-ups. When you do join, please make your profile picture a clear view of your face. This is important, your application will be declined otherwise.

Currently, I host on Thursday evenings, and Jason hosts each Monday evening. Occasionally we have Saturday BBQ and cards events. Check back for changes.

Looking forward to meeting you all, and having fun nerding it up.


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