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Vintage Bike Night @ Art Factory / Artifice - NO HOST
THIS IS A STANDING "NO HOST" MEETUP Classic motorcycles, cafe racers, harleys, custom bikes, scooters, art, live body painting and music all converge on the third Friday of every month here at the Art Factory

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This group is for Las Vegas Dudes (men who live in or frequent the Las Vegas area) that would like some more friends that they can go out and do guy stuff with, such as but not limited to: - drinking - poker - bowling - billiards - hiking - flying - skydiving - shooting - racing - motorcycling - and of course, some T&A now and then! If there are any guys out there like me, then once in a while you need some time away from the folks at home - or the folks at home need some time away from you! Either way this is your group. Don't drive your family crazy - let's get together and do some serious dude stuff instead. We deserve it and we are certainly in the right city for it!

A quick word about group rules. This group does not have many of the rules you will see in other groups. We don't care how often you visit the page, or if you never decide to attend any events. You can be a member if you only attend one event per decade. We don't charge members money for membership, even though Meetup charges us to host the site. As groups go, this one is pretty easy to be a part of, and we are happy to do it so that dudes all over Las Vegas can have some fun, GNO style.

All we ask in return is that you follow one simple rule, which is not really a rule for our group but for all walks of life - If you RSVP "Yes" to any event, either show up or change your RSVP to "No", so that the Organizers know whether or not to expect you. Meetup has an app for iPhone and Android now, it only takes a few seconds to change your RSVP and it makes all the difference in the world. We often reserve tables or space for our members based on how many people have RSVP'ed at each event, so not showing up makes us look bad to the establishment hosting our group. Mostly it will just make *you* look bad though , so don't do it! RSVP with integrity. Everyone gets two strikes. Use them wisely (or even better, don't use them at all!)

All Dudes are welcome to create meetups. You don't need to be a group administrator or organizer to do it. Do you have a favorite hang out or activity you want some friends to join you for? Just "Suggest a Meetup" using the link at the top of our group page. We'll see you there!

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