• Lets Meet Up and Inspire ourselves on the topic of Love & Relationships

    For the month of Valentines, I thought what better way than to take ourselves out for dinner (and optional movie!) and inspire ourselves on the topic of love! This evening will be dedicated to all those interested in exploring and pushing our various current mindsets and philosophies on the topic of love. Attracting and Repelling. Discovering, Questioning, Releasing and Improving perhaps some of our own limitations in regards to this topic. And embracing the various aspects within, including the beauty that is found in leading a happy and fulfilling partnership, as well as that of leading a rich and robust single life you fully love!. We welcome couples and singles alike. I hope to see many of you here! Please come prepared to purchase your own food and drinks/movie tickets. We will be aiming to catch the 9:30/9:45pm movie. They release the options on Thursday for us to decide on. Thank you and hope to see many of you here!

  • Let's Meet up and Inspire Ourselves with our Annual Goal Setting Intensive

    Fish Creek Executive Centre


    Happy New Year Everyone! Start your year off right with our famous annual goal setting intensive! If you think you have already set them, think again. Expect to dive a little further with your thoughts and plans beyond what you have created in this hands on working 2hr intensive. What to bring? A fresh new journal or your favourite stationary and a pen that you enjoy the flow of:) $5-$10 to help pitch in for the cost of utilizing this beautiful space. Space is very limited. And doors get locked by 7:00pm for all my late runners. Serious and committed bookings only. Please try your best to divert from no shows to give courtesy to those that really want to be here. Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing many of you here! And for those who cannot make it, Cheers and all the best to a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year! Much love to you all.

  • Let's Meet up and Inspire Ourselves with Navigating Ourselves Through Tornadoes

    Hello Everyone! Apologies in the delay of our fall restart but happy and excited to finally get back to our sessions! Appropriately so, I thought this topic of discussion could greatly benefit us all. What do we do when we get thrown into great contrast? Based on the principles of the Law of attraction we can be provided with both negatives and positives to experience. So how do we navigate ourselves best through the storms? Join us for the discussion next Friday November 16th, from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Please feel free to bring something to munch on to share, however as always, this is not a requirement. I look forward to seeing you all!

  • Lets meet up and inspire ourselves with a kensington walk and a coffee meet

    Due to availability plans and locations have slightly changed. Please Read! We will be changing the location to Higher Ground in Kensington. I will be there for 6:00pm in order to ensure our spot. What we'll do: Mingle and share our stories with similar souls! • What to bring $5-$10 or more for any refreshments you may want to purchase for yourself • Important to know

  • Let's Meet up and Inspire Ourselves with Cosmic Ordering (Guest Speaker)

    • What we'll do LET'S TALK ABOUT COSMIC ORDERING via Law of attraction Guest Speaker Nina Heikkila Are You Ready To Manifest On A New Level? Our thoughts are amazingly powerful and have the ability to transmit through the cosmic realms. By shifting our actions; from asking and waiting, to ordering and expecting to receive, we can achieve our goals more quickly. Scientific theorists say every thought we release triggers an electric charge, while every strand of our emotions releases magnetic signals into the Cosmos. Isn't that proof enough about the magical energy within us? This workshop will cover: How we are energetically connected and supported by the Universe. Key steps to placing an effective order to the cosmos. Ways to shift our mindset & overcome limiting beliefs. Choose to become powerful creators and start changing your reality. • What to bring • Important to know

  • Let's meet up and Inspire Ourselves with a much needed Reunion of Old and New

    Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely holiday! Happy New Year to all! And what better way to start this year then with a gathering to unite us all again. If you are new to this group, we'd love to see you, this is a great opportunity for you to step in and meet some amazing souls. I think everyone can agree that each time we meet the energy and the quality of people is unlike anywhere else. So come and enjoy, bring some snacks to share if time allows, and lets reconnect in our journeys and catch up on all that has happened or that you hope for in this upcoming year. Cant wait to see you all! Much love to you, Sincerely, Marta Raczkowska

  • Lets meet up and Inspire ourselves with Ideas of Raising our Vibrations

    Hello Everyone! Its been a while. I miss you all. Here's to reconnecting old and brand new members and getting ourselves back together to reunite us like-minded souls. Whether you have been here before or its your first time, please feel free to join in with us for an intimate Pot Luck Style Discussion on techniques and strategies we have all come across or could use to raise our energies and vibrations at any given time. I hope to see many of you here!

  • Summer BBQ/Picnic & Optional CampOut

    Location visible to members


    We've got something quite unique for this Month of August which I hope you can all join us in for! Our two largest Meetup Groups, Law of attraction: Transform your life in conjunction with the Calgary Law of Attraction Club is trying to bring all our people together to unite over a summer bbq and camp out. This will be a fabulous opportunity to meet other like minded people and enjoy the last few days of summer in unique company and inspired alignment. Bring yourselves. Bring your kids. And please make sure to read all details and requirements below. This event is being generously hosted at the acreage residence of Mr. Rob Sheridan, organizer and event host of Calgary Law of Attraction Club Meetup. The cost is $15.00 per person. I really hope to see you there! Summer is here and is going fast! Please read ALL the details below... Come join us for a BBQ and campout. Rob has kindly offered to have us come out to his place to BBQ, fire pit, games and a camp out. He has lots of space about 10 minutes North West of Calgary. Trailers and tents are welcome. We look forward to having some fun with you all! We will provide: Marshmallows and Smore fixings, paper plates. napkins, cups and utensils, firewood, washroom facilities, space to camp, music, BBQ rental, organized events, and prizes. Charge is 15.00 per person to help cover costs. (this may change slightly depending on attendance) You will bring: Your accommodation (tent or trailer) , lawn chair, food to cook on the BBQ, a pot luck dish to share (normal size), your breakfast, some outdoor games, BYOB (no drinking and driving will be allowed), respect for his place and the people around you, your smiles, and laughter! Would love if anyone plays guitar and can sing around the campfire! Day guests are welcome as well, BUT if you are camping out please personal message Holly with what you will be camping out in; as well any ideas you may have are welcome. The cost is 15.00 per person regardless. (subject to change slightly) We will fire the BBQ up at around 5 PM. and the campfire around 8 pm. Hope to see you!

  • Let's Meet up and Inspire ourselves with Tapping into the Subconscious Mind

    I had this question brought up by one of our members, so I'd like to bring focus to this topic. Let's explore the subconscious mind further, how it works and what we can do to better extract for ourselves all that we desire to do and have and be. Let's tap into it. I look forward to seeing you all here!

  • Lets meet up and speak to Getting Ourselves Into Alignment

    Location visible to members

    Strategies Explored, how to get back in if you're out. In this meetup we will be focusing on the various aspects of getting ourselves into alignment, concepts of maintaining and sustaining it, and what to do if we find ourselves out of it. Would love to hear many of your own voices on this subject! As always, potluck style if you'd like to bring anything to share, but never mandatory. I look forward to seeing many of you here:) Marta