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Relationship Magic: 3 Easy Steps to Create Harmony In Your Home
When someone is driving you nuts, crosses the line or blindsides you… When you’re hurt, mad or feeling helpless… When things aren’t going well and your home life is turning into a nightmare… It’s hard to see how you can make things right. And sometimes you’re not even sure you want to. Yet there’s a part of you that knows you have to change something. Whether it’s with your spouse, your child or a parent… if it’s troubling you, it’s time to do something about it. In this 3 hour workshop on Relationships you’ll learn how to: 1. Transform any relationship from one of hurt, anger and misunderstanding to one of love, connection and tenderness. 2. Create a relationship that’s closer and more loving than it ever was before. 3. Turn your home into a place of peace, love and mutual respect. If you’re finding your home is not your haven and you’re ready to create the peaceful, happy home that fills your heart with gratitude then this workshop is perfect for you. Join me at Nirvana 101, 836 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat From 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm, Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 In the Transformation room right off the Gift Shop $20 at the door P.S. This could very well be the last Law of Attraction workshop you’ll ever need, BUT it won’t be the last one you’ll want. Because hey… we forget. We get caught up in our worlds and we forget that we have the power to create anything we want. So showing up consistently is good. You get the nudge, tweak, Ah-ha! you need in the moment you need it. You spend an evening in great company and you go away feeling balanced, empowered and ready to take on your world in a centered, stress-free way. So, put the dates for this Law of Attraction Workshop Series in your calendar and start manifesting like a mofo! October 17th November 21st December 19th

Nirvana 101

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Curious about the Law of Attraction? Tired of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, disappointed, confused, irritated, discouraged... all of those yucky feelings that hang around you like a black cloud? Enough already!

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