The Lead Developer Meetup - 28th March, 2019

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Join us for a meetup for tech leads, engineering managers, VPs engineering, and CTOs.

- 6:00pm - Arrive
- 6:45pm - Welcome from Under Armour
- 6:50pm - Talk 1
- 7:20pm - Break
- 7:35pm - Talk 2
- 8.05pm - Networking
- 8.30pm - Close


Speaker: Mary Ottman (Retired US Army Executive Leader, Founder of Ottman Premier Services)

Bio: Mary Ottman is a highly trained Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Expert, Professional Speaker & Author.

The Serious: With an MBA and a Masters in Leadership, Mary has forged a successful 27+ year career transforming herself from electrical engineer to successful executive leading multi-generational teams consisting of government, industry, academia and not-for-profits.

The Scintillating: Mary is a unique combination of highly trained leadership expert, former country singer/songwriter, fearless adventurer able to leap off a tall 108-story building, and retired associate director formerly managing 150 rocket scientists.

Mary is on a mission to empower others to stop playing small, to overcome Imposter Syndrome, to find their voice and speak up so others benefit from their valuable experience and expertise.

Talk: Calm, Cool & Collaborative: The 3C Leadership Principles You Need to Lead & Succeed in Today's Chaotic, Fast-Paced Tech Environment

"You have stellar technical skills and you are a champion task slayer when it comes to cranking out the technical work. You are recognized for your fantastic work by your leadership and you are recognized as an expert in your technical area.

But are you ready to be a leader?

You need strategies and skills to nurture highly effective and collaborative teams of willing and eager professionals who are 100% behind your vision for your organization's success.

Your team needs a calm, cool & collaborative leader.

You can use the 3C Leadership Principles to get you there."


Speaker: Chad Bailey (Senior Manager, Heroku Support/Salesforce)

Bio: Chad Bailey worked on the Space Shuttle (back when that was still a thing) before moving to a career on the web. He spent several years as a Rails developer before joining the support team at Heroku. He now manages a team of support specialists that solve some of the craziest problems you can imagine for some of the biggest companies in tech.

Talk: Hiring: From Terrible to Terrific

As a leader, hiring the right team is the most important thing you do. So why do we do such an awful job interviewing people? Candidates hate our silly brain teaser questions and SQL pop quizzes, and many managers just end up hiring on intuition anyway.

I've stumbled upon a few techniques that have made our interviews a lot less miserable—even occasionally fun—and have helped us find some excellent people at the same time. I want to tell you about those techniques and the ideas that produced them, so you can get a little better at finding the people you need too.

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