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My wish is that this meetup club will introduce me to a single investor; a solitary man or woman who is capable of seeing the Big Picture. An individual who has vision and a proven track records of turning visions into realities.

I am looking for that person who wants to create or sponsor something of their own. A proprietary entity – like a top brand, a work of art, a song or a movie. And then take that creation to nothing less than a regional and international level.

I am looking for someone who wants to build monuments and move forward… An individual who wants to leave behind a legacy and a footprint. An individual who wants to earn good money but more so, a person who has a cause. Someone who wants to prove a point.

I am looking for someone who has the right approach to risk acceptance and good corporate governance. A person who genuinely appreciates the worth of innovation to further themselves, our communities and our societies. Someone who has the vision, grit and guts to put their money where their mouth is. A person who practices what they preach and is a problem-solver with enough life experience to know what they truly want.

A little bit about myself:

- A certified business consultant and life coach

- An international award-winning professional who has made several appearances on leading TV stations

- A panellist and public speaker at several prominent regional conferences

- A published author who has been reviewed in the press

- An aspiring book author

- A serial entrepreneur who has launched successful firms in the UAE and Canada

- An athlete who practices running, swimming and martial arts

- A well-travelled individual who has visited countries from the North Pole to the Tropics and the deserts

- A previous first-aid rescuer

- A collaborator with top decision-makers from 41 nationalities in 3 countries

- An expert in evaluating personality types (using the Myers-Briggs model) and cross-cultural understanding

- A polyglot, speaking 5 languages (3 proficiently and 2 on a conversational level)

If this sounds like you, we need to talk.

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