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Lessons learned and Journeys taken by Women in Tech.
When it comes to the Tech industry women are paving a path like never before and as we move forward and improve as an industry we are getting amazing women doing phenomenal things in organisations around the world. At The Leadership Grind this month we get insights on Lessons learned and Journeys taken by Women in Tech. The format of the event will be: 6.00 to 6.30pm: Networking and catering 6:30 to 7.15pm: Marine Bassy - "Impactful Product Management: A journey from Product Manager to Product Leader" 7.15 to 8.00pm: Karen Greaves - "What I learned about leadership from losing my job" --- Talk 1 - "A journey from Product Manager to Product Leader" by Marine Bassy We refer to Product Management as the "everything profession" where a Product Manager will do a lot of different things at different times. Let's not only get caught by the "management" portion of the job, as to be effective, product managers must also influence and inspire others to bring a vision to life. This talk will share experience and techniques for an effective collaboration with high performing teams. Bio: Wife, mum and passionate about creating software, Marine Bassy is a Product Manager at MYOB with a focus on shared values and high performing teams. She has software development experience in a variety of industries, and after 3 hectic years in Vietnam delivering Open Source collaborative tools, Marine moved to New Zealand where she has immersed herself in the AU/NZ accounting sector. When not busy delighting users, Marine enjoys cycling, running and exploring new regions. Twitter: ( --- Talk 2 - "What I learned about leadership from losing my job" by Karen Greaves Many organisations understand that people are their most valuable asset, yet at the same time often find themselves restructuring to respond to business pressures. I was involved in building a high performing team and then in a restructure that impacted the entire team, including myself. In this talk, I share my personal story along with my observations on which leadership actions helped and which harmed. I hope you will leave with a sense of some tangible things that help build great teams and a list of things to watch out for. Bio: Karen has spent much of her career in management positions of some form, and found herself generally dissatisfied with how she was told to manage people because despite her best intentions it never worked. Through agile, she had been introduced to servant leadership and a different philosophy on how to treat people at work based on trust. Karen has had the opportunity to work in a few environments where she has been able to implement these ideas herself and have been astounded by the results. It’s her personal mission to help leaders and managers overturn the horrendous advice we’ve been following for far too long, and start treating people better. Karen has recently moved to New Zealand, from South Africa and is currently trying to change mindsets at ANZ. Twitter: ( --- A massive thanks for Xero ( sponsoring and hosting the event.


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