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Are you irrepressible at telling bad jokes? Do you spend half the day pointlessly texting puns at randos? Then you, my friend, were built for something greater.

If you’re an admirer of Monty Python, “Seinfeld” and the best of SNL, then you know the heights that are attainable when brilliant comedic minds come together. But Python and Seinfeld are no more, and SNL is collapsing under the weight of its history and the Twitter-mad national-politics obsessed culture of our time.

The hour for something new has arrived. Something not beholden to the reactionary trends of the day. A comedy of the heights, by highly dignified persons with something to say who refuse to say it. Built on an avoidance of easy humor based on making the audience feel superior or drearily chained to what is

We have conquered the West, the moon and South Georgia - we have no more frontiers to explore beyond those of the imagination, of lands unseen and worlds that cannot be. And the very best of the impossible is the playful impossible.

In other words, less Star Trek and more Rick and Morty.

Since the collapse of broadcast television and the decline of cable, we’ve ploughed the gutter of content, we’re knee-deep in anti-heroes and slobs. It was new and different, and so there is where humorists went. From models of living to regular folk to the buffoon and now the irredeemable. But this has grown stale and at least for this observer no longer brings any true joy. It is a strategy that fails to meet the challenges of our age, which calls for figures who are more than objects of ridicule, pity or even mere relatability.

In other words, less Louis C.K. and more Oscar Wilde. Less Judd Apatow and more Coen Brothers.

Art inspired not by attempts to belittle or ostracize, but rather by love of beauty and the dance, and driven primarily by an entrancement with what one gravitates towards. So let's wake the dead and get this done already.


But what are we doing? Anything and everything. Books, periodicals, skits, plays, improv, films, none of the above. The point is to get together a bunch of individuals who believe they are better, stronger and more potent artistically as a members of a group than alone. And then to properly match these individuals into complementary groups.


Notes on Joining

Having been to my fair share of meetups, I know that many are chaotic and not particularly satisfying. What is needed, to my mind, is a group joined by common purpose and with similar levels of commitment. Individuals sign up for and sometimes show up for Meetups for a variety of reasons, not always in sync with the expressly stated purpose of the meetings in question.

So, though I generally hate the idea of some a-hole being gatekeeper - I don’t see any way around introducing some way of separating between the wheat and the chaff and inviting the chaff. Some means of trying to ensure this is a rewarding experience by all involved by checking for complementaritality and genuine interest.

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