What we're about

This is a meetup group especially designed for men who want to authentically reconnect with other men via a no-nonsense level (Activities, sharing skills, creativity and talks)- like in the old days with an emphasis on empathy and authenticity. Does this automatically means we are not going to do some crazy, wild, 'masculine' stuff? Not at all! There will be plenty of room for things such as; self-defence (full contact), rugby, bushcraft, soccer and so on. Moreover, there will be time as well for contemplation, brainstorming, coffee-talks, co-creation and other not so typical, Western-approaches for group bonding.
Deep, authentic friendship is a human basic need and some of us have struggles for finding real friendship among other guys. Maybe you've missed a masculine role-model in your close-family or childhood environment, that's why this group is a perfect opportunity to mirror our behaviour and let each other grow. Ironically, we need other men for our 'self-development'! You can't do it all alone. You have to do 'the work' yourself but not alone! The time of the lone wolf and competition is over.

We are maybe good at talking to women about our emotions, problems and getting their attention but when it comes to do the same with men, we subconsciously get stuck in some kind of protective shield and fascades of masks. Come and join us if you want to feel fully alive again and be healthy challenged by other men who truly care about you and want to see you flourish!

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