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Everyone has a light to shine! Are you searching for answers to your life's journey? Are you seeking the Magic and Miracles of your Light and the path that is yours? Whether you are curious about or drawn to the healing energy of the Angels and Seraphic Wisdom, want to increase Laughter in your life, or need the life changing guidance of a Health Coach; the Healer and Organizer of this Meetup, Brenda Hardwick, can help you find the tools to navigate your way through this 3D world to find your Light and Shine your Health.

Your Light, Your Life, Your Health, Better!

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The Angel Power Hours! In-Person & Online!

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


Yes, you have Angels. Join Brenda Hardwick, for a mini Meditation and Healing session with YOUR Angels! Check-in with your Guardian Angels. Ask for their help, feel their Healing Energy, & learn from their wisdom. Share in a few hours of Angel Power!

Sessions are $30.00 per person. Please pay using the Venmo App or one of the other payment methods listed below.

Venmo: @Brendaslightofnature (Business)
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***Note this event occurs the 4th Monday of every month
In-Person - St. Andrew Lutheran Church, 6774 W 66th Ave. - East parking lot, Community Room


Online - Zoom Link:

Meeting ID:[masked]

The Seraph's Birth of the New Avalon... In-person & Online

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


Birth of the New Avalon, Canada the Land of Dreams is Awakening - Become a New Earth Guardian upon completion of this 45 Attunement Seraphic Wisdom course. In-Person & Online.

The information in this course was given to us by the Angel in 2014 and there are now Avalon New Earth Guardians in many areas of the US and Canada. In 2012 we were given healing energies for ourselves and to heal The United States of America. The rapid and profound anchoring of these energies has led to the next level of tools for personal development and assisting the country of Canada who is described as the Land of Dreams. This group process will then permit a more significant shift in consciousness for the planet.

Register and pay here: https://www.thelightofnature.com/events/birth-of-the-new-avalon-canada-the-land-of-dreams-is-awakening-in-person-online-3
Cost = $297.00

This class is limited to a total of 8 participants. If we are able to do In-person seats, they will be limited to 4 people. The other 4 will be online.

Please specify your attendance preference during registration.

Angels and Other Guides, An Open Gallery-In-Person & Online!

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


Everyone has Guardian Angels & other Angels & Guides in attendance. This is an opportunity to join Brenda and a different Guest Healer each month to help you connect with your Angels & the other Guides who are present. Ask questions & see what your Angels and Guides want you to know. The messages for others may also resonate with you. Angels, Animal and other Spirit Guides may bring you the answers to those burning questions that you struggle to answer.

Registrations are limited to only 15 people.

**Masks may be required in common areas if coming in person.

Every 2nd Friday @ 6pm
NOTE: Doors & Zoom Room will be locked at 6:10pm
Special Guest Healer this month is Interactive Curandera, Mavis Salazar!
Session cost = $50.00

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Releasing Your Light Language

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Do you know what light language or speaking in tongues is all about?
Does light language intrigue you when you hear it?
Do you wonder about the words being spoken?
Have you always felt that you could speak light language?
Or perhaps you have memory of speaking light language when you were a child?
Is there physical resistance to letting the words and sounds come out of your mouth?
Do you have any fear connected to hearing or using light language?
This workshop is your chance to explore your own light language. Learn what your light language sounds like. It will be a safe space for you to play in allowing your light language to flow.
There will be:
A discussion explaining what light language is.
Exercises to help you work through the fear of speaking it
Time to practice opening your mind and allowing your light language to flow.
I look forward to sharing with you!

Cost = $45
Pay here:
Venmo: @Brendaslightofnature (Venmo business-Look for my face!)
Paypal: paypal.me/thelightofnature
Cashapp: $brendahjm
Or cash accepted at the door

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Releasing Your Light Language

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

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