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Everyone has a light to shine! Are you searching for answers to your life's journey? Are you seeking the Magic and Miracles of your Light and the path that is yours? Whether you are curious about or drawn to the healing energy of the Angels and Seraphic Wisdom, want to increase Laughter in your life, or need the life changing guidance of a Health Coach; the Healer and Organizer of this Meetup, Brenda Hardwick, can help you find the tools to navigate your way through this 3D world to find your Light and Shine your Health.

Your Light, Your Life, Your Health, Better!

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The Angel Power Hour!

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Meet your Angels, Learn to talk to them, Feel their Healing Energy, Ask them for help. Join me, Brenda Hardwick, for a Meditation and Healing session with YOUR Angels! This is your opportunity to check in with your Guardian Angels and raise your vibration so you remember they are with you, always. Come share in an hour of Angel Power! Investment = $20.00 pay at the door

The Light Of Nature (TLON) Open House!!

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church

I am celebrating my new space at St. Andrew Healing Arts Center in Arvada! I invite you to come and see my space and feel the peace that fills it! I will be giving complimentary 10-minute Angel messages & sending waves of Seraphic energy throughout the afternoon. And, there will be a Seraphic Wisdom Meditation at 3pm! Come grab a snack, and see what events are coming up from TLON (The Light Of Nature) and the other healers at St Andrew HAC! Hope you will join me in my Happy Place! Investment= $0 but of course, Love Offerings are always welcome!

Joy & Laughter w/Spirit w/Brenda Hardwick & Susanah Magdalena

8120 Sheridan Boulevard


Have you wondered about your angels, guides, master, teachers, etc? Have you wondered what their reactions are to us here on this planet? Well, Brenda and Susanah are here to share with you that all of these presences in our lives have a sense of humor! They find us ‘funny’ and oftentimes laugh with us and, at the same time, help us to laugh at ourselves. We are moving into a new era of thought, expression and expansion. We have, for the past 2000 years worked at embracing the Wisdom of Love & Forgiveness. NOW, we are moving into a new age, that of Aquarius, and are being pushed into the energy of JOY! Now is the time to find the Understanding of this incredible State of Being from the vantage point of the foundational Love & Forgiveness. This takes Wisdom to the state of Understanding. Are you ready to shift? Are you in a place where you’d like to move into Joy? If so, this is the place to check it out and see what that might look like, feel like … and, what it might BE like! Brenda Hardwick of The Light of Nature and Susanah Magdalena of The Beloved Heart Source have found that when they work together, it often gets downright silly. They are here to share the FUN of connecting with those that are around you. Join us the 1stMonday of each month at The Beloved Heart Source in Westminster. We’ll be meeting from 7-8:30pm and the Investment is $20pp. We look forward to sharing with you and finding the JOY & LAUGHTER in all we do, all we are and all we are yet to become!

Diamond Crystalline Grid Prayer/Meditation

The Beloved Heart Source


Brenda Hardwick and Susanah Magdalena come together for this powerful evening of Prayer & Meditation. We begin with a beautiful intent filled prayer where we allow Spirit to hear our Questions | Our Petitions | Our Hopes and Our Dreams. This is a time to express through inner dialogue with The Creator. We then shift into a deeply cosmic meditation where we allow Spirit to bring us the answers we are so urgently seeking. Connecting into the rich and fertile Diamond Crystalline Resonance that is the Heart of Gaia, we connect with her fully, allowing her to engage in our Journey. While on this journey, we travel through time & space in search of revelation and enlightenment. Through this magical voyage an empowering increase in your personal vibration is experienced. Please see our other meetups: Vibrations of Manifestations - https://www.meetup.com/vibrationsofmanifestation/ The Beloved Heart Source - https://www.meetup.com/the_beloved_heart_source/ The Light of Nature - https://www.meetup.com/The-Light-Of-Nature-Meetup/ To find out more about us: www.thebelovedheartsource.com www.healingpathoftherose.com www.thelightofnature.com

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Angels and Other Guides

Healing Arts Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church


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