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An opportunity for lightworkers, those who are awakened/ascending and those with love in their hearts/ an open mind, to join together and create connections. This will include group discussions, meditations and small hikes in nature. We may also meet in small groups at various locations. It is encouraged that each and every one of have the chance to share a piece of the Divine puzzle with their unique gifts.
As we are transitioning to New Earth and the 5th dimension, we must remain in high vibration and in frequencies of Divine love and peace as much as possible. However, this can be a challenge for some of us still y in a 3D world. We can assist each other in the process by offering insights and solutions. I would like for this group to be of the highest standards in leadership. We must be the pioneers who lead by example through our individual light. Despite challenges, and hardships, we must tweak our perspectives and try to remain positive and in higher vibrations. Times can become challenging, so we are here to comfort and support each other unconditionally without judgement and negativity. This is an exciting new time and it should be embraced! It is through the Christ consciousness that we can enter this beautiful new world.

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