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Whether you are conscious and already following your path as a lightworker, or awakening - you might have noticed the shift happening. The energies all around and within ourselves have started changing, more and more lightworkers and spirits are arriving in our realm, and for the first time in a very long while the “Lightworker Collective” (as I like to call it) is happening.

For a long time, each lightworker has followed their path, often felt confused, alone (in regards to other humans) and struggling for support (in the physical realm). The internet, with all its forums, platforms and opportunities of learning and sharing has brought some relief and some contact between lightworkers.
But still, each of us followed our own path. Now as we are going through this shift, the Lightworker Collective is being reinstated. What does that mean? It means, that Lightworkers all around the world are being called to the energy hubs (one of them being Ireland) to connect with each other, support each other and start working together. Yes, you’ve heard right! The time of competition is over, the time of the collective has come.

We are all here for the same mission: To uplift the Vibration of this realm and the species (mainly humans) within it. Each of us in their own individual way.

And this is what this group is about: reinstating the collective. Connecting with other lightworkers, exchange experience and advice, support each other, converse about “lightworker-stuff” with people who understand. We are meeting up weekly to share experiences, support and wisdom.

We welcome everyone who defines as lightworker to join us. A lightworker is anyone who’s mission it is to uplift the vibration of this planet. And that can be anyone from the energy healer, to the pagan, to the artist, to the event manager, to the gardener. We all have our unique way of following our mission. And no matter where you are in your work, from the awakening to the calling, to the years of experience, you are more than welcome to join us.

For our "Lightworker Collective" meetups we ask those attending for a €5 contribution (unless otherwise specified). This is 100% non-profit. The money collected is used for room rental fees, material, supplies, food & beverages, etc.

Come and join us for a safe, fun and loving meetup.

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