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Hello beautiful ladies! If you are a trailblazing influencer in your profession, organization or social club, the Lilli League invites you to join us in an opportunity toward personal growth, community impact and professional excellence.

About the Lilli League:

As a sisterhood for love-driven leaders we stand together embracing and honoring our unique gifts that have been granted in accordance with a higher purpose. This important organization is to be positioned as a premiere social, philanthropy and professional empowerment group for women leaders of higher consciousness.

Our Colors: Pink, White and Gold
Our Style: Elegant, Graceful and Warm
Our Flower: The Lily, and especially Lily of the Valley

Our Website: thelillileague.org (http://www.thelillileague.org)
Our Facebook: thelillileague (http://www.facebook.com/thelillileague)
Our FB Group: thelillileague (http://www.facebook.com/groups/thelillileague)

Lilli League Atmosphere :

While we enjoy the freedom of impromptu events and casual meetups, the Lilli League also honors the principles of dedication, sophistication and inclusiveness, ensuring the commitment and engagement of our members by creating a sense of belonging. Our Lilli’s are carefully selected to reflect the structure and order of an organization of purpose, principle and direction.

We are especially interested in accepting ladies with professional, social or entrepreneurial leadership positions who inspire integrity, love, social change and excellence.

To authenticate your membership and become eligible for exclusive benefits please click: thelillileague.org (http://www.thelillileague.org/)

You may be a perfect match for the Lilli League if you are a leader or aspiring leader who meets some of the following criteria:

The Psychology of a Lilli Lady:

• Thrives through taking action rooted in integrity, courage and love.

• Gravitates toward higher consciousness and love-based thinking over fear-based thinking.

• Is spiritually oriented and inclusive, respecting all religions and walks of life.

• Encompasses beauty, grace, wisdom, power and drive.

The Drive of a Lilli Lady:

• Feels a higher calling to make a purposeful impact through meaningful platforms

• Is excited by the idea of conferences, luncheons, keynote addresses or mindset trainings.

• Adopts a growth mindset geared toward success, achievement and prosperity.

• Understands that excellence and success often require investment of time and effort.

The Qualities of a Lilli Lady:

• Great public speaking, communication, analytical, creative or writing skills.

• Experience with leadership, mentorship, entrepreneurship, motivating or organizing.

• Excels at or enjoys fundraising, or event planning for philanthropy, social events and pursuits of excellence.

• Is fun, warm-hearted, charming and loves to laugh.

The Lilli League is perfect for:

• Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

• Coaches and Mentors

• Professionals and Freelancers

• Tastemakers and Social Media Influencers

• Young or aspiring Leaders 21 and over.

Who the Lilli League is not right for:

Though we love and respect all our fellow ladies, you should probably seek out another organization if:

You want to lead but don't want to serve.

You don't have time or energy for growth, fellowship or philanthropy.

You don't like change, achievement or high performance.

You tend to be judgmental, closed-minded or overly negative.

You prefer individual projects and don't enjoy a group or team environment.

You prefer opportunism and advantage over generosity and selflessness.

You solely wish to make business contacts or recruit members for your own organization.

You don't intend on being present or participating. Ever.

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