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***** It is important that you read ALL of the information below BEFORE applying to join our group *****

Liquid Love is a collective journey exploring playfulness and the sensuality of flowing skin to skin contact using warm olive oil. The concept is simple: we will pour warm, fine, olive oil on to your skin, from where it will spread out over you body and form a lubricious substance, which allows you to float in a sea together with other oily bodies.

Everyone is invited to respect their own rhythm and limits to touch and nudity.

We invite you to move and allow yourself to be moved without intentions or sexual orientation. Releasing our usual desire to take action on erotic sensations and thoughts we invite you to be present with them and to relax into the energetic flow of the bodies around you. This is a place where you can love and be loved in an impersonal and unbound manner and above all a place to super charge your soul.

***** The PAL System *****

It is important to us to create a safe, trusting, and responsible environment where you can feel comfortable in the presence of other people in the group. To help us with this we are using the PAL System. The PAL System asks that you attend a session together with someone you know and trust – a PAL.

Whatever your gender, and no matter how you identify, we ask the following:

* Please book and arrive to a session with your PAL. You will not be able to join the session if your PAL fails to turn up, and we will not be able to refund your costs/tickets.

* Your PAL can be the same gender, another gender, or even a couple. We ask that you keep this to two people.

* We ask that your PAL is someone you know and trust.

* Your PAL does not have to be a lover or a partner. Your PAL can be any friend or even a relative.

(The PAL System is Creative Commons licensed to Kinky Salon San Francisco)

*** What happens at a Liquid Love session? ***
Each session has a different group of people, and therefore each session is different. However, to give you some idea of the flow of a session, we begin by getting to know each other and talking about the experience we are going to share. You will then ready yourself on the specially prepared surface. As warm oil is poured over the body, you will be guided through an exploration of yourself and others around you. We encourage non-verbal communication in this part of the afternoon.

*** Do I have to be naked? ***
Our sessions are clothing optional. We invite participants, following our introduction, to undress to whatever level they feel comfortable with – bearing in mind that whatever you choose to leave on will inevitably be covered in oil.

There will be nudity in the room and it's important that you feel at ease with it.

*** Will I be touched by other people / Can I touch other people? ***
Again, each session is different. You are not expected to touch anyone, and you do not have to be touched by anyone. Within the space you are able to experience Liquid Love on your own, or interact with those comfortable with touching and/or being touched. We invite you to explore both dynamics during your session.

We view Liquid Love as a unique skin-contact experience. We invite you to be open to both touching as well as being touched. We particularly invite you to explore touch using parts of the body we do not usually touch with – our stomachs, our noses, our feet, our shoulders, our heads, our buttocks, our eyelashes, and so on.
We ask that you constantly check-in with the people you are interacting with so to ensure that you are not crossing their personal boundaries

We ask participants to practice a ‘two-taps’ signal to clearly indicate that you do not wish to be touched. We demonstrate this to all participants during our initial conversation and ask you to respect the system during the session.

If at any point you feel uncomfortable, for whatever reason, we ask you to raise your hand so that your facilitators can quickly attend to you.

The space is safely and responsibly held throughout the session. Within the strictly non-sexual boundaries discussed at the outset, you are invited to explore the experience in whatever way makes you feel most comfortable.

*** Who can attend? Do you gender balance the sessions? ***

Liquid Love is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. There is an atmosphere of respect and acceptance at all times.

We like to ensure a good mix of people and personalities in the room, and so do not strictly gender balance (i.e. one heterosexual man to one heterosexual woman) our sessions.

We invite you to move beyond personal preference and ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of welcoming and appreciating everyone. ***** IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU ARE CLEAR THAT LIQUID LOVE IS NOT A SEXUAL EXPERIENCE *****

Please take your time when answering our questions. We turn down applications from people who have either not taken care to read all of the information provided, or are clearly looking to join the group for the wrong reasons. We host what we regard to be to the most unique experience you can find in London. Putting care into your replies is worth it :)

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