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This is a meetup for intrepid explorers of the mind and spirit. It is not for the faint of heart, but only for those that are willing to seek out and find experiences that go beyond the limits of the physical senses. Gnosis is an experience of revealed of mystery. It happens when love and wisdom are guides that reveal meaning in your life. Humanity has not yet integrated its greatest gifts, and we are but one of many groups that are seeking to push back the imaginary boundaries that currently define and constrain the human species.

We are not seeking merely to discuss or debate topics of spirituality, but to develop new tools that will enable wisdom to come into this world through our own group experience. Instead of trying to reconstruct ancient paths with a supporting framework, we are identifying a new approach that serves the people that are currently participating in this creation. This approach puts us most in line with the wisdom that has come into this world before us, for it has always been developed and used in the present moment. We are starting from a path that emerges from the study of the Tao (or Dao), including the I Ching, combined with the work of Carl G. Jung, among others. From these sources emerge a few basic tenets, first and foremost is that Life is the fundamental building block of the universe. The remainder of the tenets, which we expect will evolve with the group, can be found at http://livinggnosis.org/living-tenets/ .

For more info about us, go to livinggnosis.org (https://livinggnosis.org/)

We expect all members to abide by these oaths:

Oath #1: As a member of this group, I shall hold a safe and supportive space for my peers to discuss any and all personal experiences, questions, concerns, or ideas.

Oath #2: In order to protect myself, the community, and the movement, I shall respect all applicable laws in Living Gnosis Atlanta meetings and communications.

Oath #3: In order to establish a tight, supportive and legitimate community of spiritual explorers with nothing to hide, I shall use my real identity in my Living Gnosis profile and in Living Gnosis meetups.

We are currently preparing the space for our first meetup, to happen in February 2018. Stay Tuned.

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