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This group is for you if you want to experience an effortlessly clear mind more of the time, with all the benefits that brings, including high performance, deeper connections, better decisions, bigger results, and a more engaged, enjoyable experience of life. It also means less stress, worry and anxiety. It's of enormous relevance to coaches, trainers, therapists, consultants and other heart-centred professionals, and it will be of particular interest to people who have an affinity with the 'inside-out' understanding of life. It's run by Jamie Smart, and based on the principles behind his #1 bestselling book CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results. So if you'd like to meet like-minded explorers, connect with Jamie in person and have a live experience of the beautiful feeling behind clarity, this group is for you!

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The CLARITY Coaching Practice Clinic

Regents College

Informal Clarity Social

All Bar One

The Secrets of Coaching with Clarity

4th Floor Studios


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