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This setup group was first setup in 2009. It has been awhile. Its now 2016 going on 2017. We attract a diverse group of members as web developments require many professional to support the building of a successful website. We would like to invite you to join us.

We are heading for BREXIT soon, hence the ever more importance of harnessing local skills and professionals.

This is one of the best social technical group, positive and progressive meetup group. Website design is all about beauty and attractiveness to your website. Adobe Dreamweaver is a great tool to help develop this attractiveness to your Web designs. It is an easy tool to use along with many of Adobe great media creation tools.

We are a small and enthusiastic group. We can give you good advice and guidance and support your adventure into owning a website; from planning for one, building one, managing one and connecting with commercial and social market places. Our group does not just focus on one web technology, we experience an array of web technologies. Join us and you will have wished you started earlier.

Adobe Dreamweaver will introduce you to HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, Zend frameworks, iPhone Gap technologies, Mobile Phone & Tablet responsive technology, Web Design, Database Design. Adobe Dreamweaver will grow with your knowledge of Web development, it will introduce you to more Web Open Source technology than you can remember. It will also introduce to you the many wonderful Adobe products to sharpen up your web development career. So do not get yourself confused. PHP does not build websites.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a website building management tool. It is not just a Web page creation tool. Hence, the way you build website from the start is very different from someone who pieces their websites by building web pages. It is easy to build webpages (a school kid could do it) but to managed the webpages over time is more than just building webpages.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a great tool. It is almost impossible to think how you can build websites without it. It is also impossible to think how you can get the best out of the web if you are still using an old version of Adobe Dreamweaver. Learning your HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL for example from books and colleges, University is no match for real commercial experiences. If you cannot apply your knowledge after you have learned the Web Technology from College or University because it is just theory. You need to learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver and weave (Choreograph) all the web technologies together. Do not think you can hand code all the technologies together! What are you trying to prove?

Adobe Dreamweaver tool allows you to go deeper into web technologies. Most meetup groups on here fail to mention Adobe Dreamweaver. Most talk about 1 or 2 web technologies. For example, PHP scripting language or HTML 5. Well, they are many facets to web building. 1 web technology will not build you websites. Adobe Dreamweaver brings all web technology together. You will need to appreciate all the Web technologies involved. For example Word Press, the craze is it is so simple to build. Yes. It will take you years to learn how to do it on your own to make modifications and improvements or add-on. Adobe Dreamweaver handles this beautifully. Join our meetup group.

Zend Studio 13. This is an advanced IDE for the back-end PHP Engineers. It is an exciting and best IDE to date. Infact, on a promotional price at the moment - in US$ it is good value compared to Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.0. Zend has made making mobile phone application better than the Adobe Dreamweaver's way. All the extras are already on the Zend PHP cloud. No stray SDK kits to worry about. No after thoughts, it is all taken care within Zend Studio 10. For those serious about PHP Engineering, you should not be without Zend Studio 10. Theres more fantastic support unlike Adobe Dreamweaver support (poor support for back-end issues). If the company you work for does not have Zend Studio 13 or Adobe Dreamweaver CC what are you doing there?

Zend Training & Certification: This is a real myth. 31 Zend Framework Certified Engineers in the UK. 708 Zend Certitified Engineers PHP 5.3. Why? We cannot understand this, why does the company not promote this with a better pricing structure, an affordable structure, a price that most aspiring PHP developers can put themselves thru because companies are the worst investors in their own PHP web developers staff.

We share our interest in Web Development. We use Adobe products and tools. We use open source to shape our websites. We are experienced, knowledgeable know-how, we are social too. So join us and enjoy our motivation for Web development. We want to network and collaborate. We make the difference by sharing good practice, ideas, practical know-how, grow Dreamweaver PHP MySQL users, designers, coders, developers, web analyst, small - medium size business, and web project development. So if you are social and technical, jump in and join us!

Word Press, Drupal and Joomla:
These are most of the exciting websites, built to house whatever contents you have in mind. These website does not displace the need for Web Designers, Web Developers and Web Professionals. Some are preferred by Web Engineers because the static and dynamic PHP code behind it allows Web developers to morph and mould website with at additional functionality. Some are easy to morph, it requires fundamental web knowledge of a number of technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, jquery, etc). Some people are just excited by the ease and breeze of having such website at an instance. Little do they realise that it has to fit whatever business needs are. Most time it does not but it is a good place to start your morph and reshaping of these built website.

We at this meetup conduct many meetups where you can run thru and try-out building yourself Word Press, Drupal and Joomla. The depth of knowledge required for this could be from Administrator (Use of ....), Web Designer (Cosmestic changes to the web pages), Web Developer (additional interactive forms and functionality required), to Social media (integration with other social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and more)

Join us and discover open source software. It is the support that is missing from the free software. Support is never free. So there is always a charge. It makes a difference between what is free advice and guidance to paid advice and support guidance.

Offers, Benefits of joining

There are many benefits of joining an interest group and meetup group like us. You will get an insight into what is on offer in the world of Web Technologies. You will be able to reap real immediate benefits from knowledge, experience and practical know-how from members.

If you are a recruitment company and you are looking for experienced web professionals. You found it. If you are a company and you want to share your products and service with us we are always open to offers. If you want to front your business ideas with a website, you found the meetup group. If you are a recent graduate or soon to be then you must be confident with your new found knowledge.

Knowledge is useless if there is no practical applications of your knowledge. We offer practical knowledge. In the Web business, you only get paid for what you produce and help commercial companies reap real benefits.

https://www.awltovhc.com/image-5546041-10772375 (http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-5546041-10772375)

Start-ups and Aspiring Web Professionals

Starting and venturing into is wiser with a plan, advise and guidance else it will be a costly exercise.

Consultancy, Advice & Guidance, Project Management, Specialist work, training and Freelance work.

We welcome Consultancy work, paid up work Web Design and Web Development, Project Management, Specialist and Freelance work. We can also train your staff on using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.0 with PHP and MySQL.

The main aim of the London Dreamweaver Meetup Group is to promote the use and development of Websites using Adobe Dreamweaver.

Today, the latest version is Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.0. This is a professional authoring tool for Web developers wanting to make their presence known on the World Wide Web. Web developers is a broad label to include Web Site Designers and Web Developers. There is no overlap between the two.

Our mebership range from absolute beginners to paid professionals who make a living from planning, designing, building, maintaining and managing small to large websites, iphone app builders and iPad publishers.

Web developers come in many shapes and roles. Some of you have just started your journey of discovery into web development. Some of you have followed on-and-off using Adobe Dreamweaver, some of you have strong foundations and roots from Macromedia Dreamweaver, Some of you are Classic programmers without the artistic flair and without patience with artistic matters, some of you are artistic & creative with formal training (graduates from Media).

The London Dreamweaver Meetup Group offers a broad and yet product specific knowledge sharing and interest specific forum for Web designers, Web programmers (without coding extensively, maybe snippets of tried and tested codes here and there), Web Business Developers, Web Engineers (full coding linguist specific - server side) and Web Users (wanting to reap the commercial benefits of Adobe Dreamweaver and realised its full potential).

We have the support of the makers and promoters of Dreamweaver and we work collaboratively with other Meetup groups to enhance your Web experience. Meetup groups are small in size with the occasional large featured Meetups with subject matter experts of Dreamweaver and all the supporting open sourced community Web technology.

For the moment, we are building up our membership, finding contributors and hungry minds for knowledge, experiences and insights into this new and emerging technology (ies). Dreamweaver is our authoring tool, our passion, our medium the World Wide Web.

We are looking for you, whilst you are reading this and about us, to join on a regular basis. You could be the professional expert making a living from Web industries, or a lay person (writing tiny snippets of codes), or just a business man or woman without any technical preferences for techniques except for the aesthetics of your website.

We are looking for your support so that we can organise and collectively share an interest, Meetup like minded professionals, undergraduates, or media graduates, drink, socialise and attend formal featured Meetups organised by the London Dreamweaver Meetup Group.

Welcome, join us by registering on here with a photo of yourself and meetup next to share knowledge and exchange ideas!!

Meetup Group member eligibility to Join - Minor under the age of 18.

Section [2.1] of our Terms of Service states that the Meetup platform is available to anyone who is at least 18 years old.

There are groups and events that may involve people younger than 18, and Organizers have discretion regarding who they allow to participate in their events.

However, no one under 18 years old can be a member of Meetup.

Nov 17, 2010 11:03 AM (http://www.meetup.com/help/Who-is-eligible-to-use-the-Meetup-platform/i/q_438#answer_499)

We purge our membership list from time to time to maintain currency of members. Members who RSVP and do not attend will be removed. If we contact you and we do not hear from you we will also remove you from the list. You will have to rejoin to maintain currency of our member list.

Clarification of Web Open Source Technologies and its Uses (http://www.meetup.com/The-London-Dreamweaver-Meetup-Group/pages/Clarification_of_Web_Technology_and_its_uses/)

Click Link Above to get clarification of Web Open Source Technologies and its uses

Read our "pages" to learn something about the web, do something by participating in our meetups, share something by contributing your knowledge and experiences and change something you thought you knew all along.

We would like to think we keep very up to date with the Web Wide World. We are not here to please everybody, we have a pioneering group in Dreamweaver, XHTML, HTML 5, CSS, jQuery, PHP and MySQL.

Our meetup group is about collaboration and working as a Team. We do not have to always get it right but we always get it right first time.

What's New in Dreamweaver CS6:

jQuery Mobile support - Add advanced interactivity with jQuery code hinting. jQuery makes it simple to add interactivity to web pages. Get a jump start with starter templates for mobile phones.

PhoneGap support - Build and package native apps for Android and iOS with Adobe PhoneGap. Convert existing HTML to a mobile phone app within Dreamweaver using the PhoneGap framework. Test layouts with the provided emulator.

Multiscreen Preview panel - Design for smartphones, tablets, and desktops with the Multiscreen Preview panel. Use media query support to style and visualize rendering of your designs for a wide range of devices.

Fluid grid layout - Construct complex web designs and layouts without getting buried in code. Fluid grid layout is adaptive to help you design projects that display on different screen sizes for desktops and devices.

Live View - Check your pages before publishing with a WebKit rendering engine that supports display of HTML5 content. Help ensure cross-browser compatibility and consistent display of your layouts.

CSS3/HTML5 support - Style with the CSS panel, which supports CSS3. Design view supports media queries for applying different styles to fit screen dimensions. Design view and code hinting support HTML5.

https://www.tqlkg.com/image-5546041-10588874 (http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-5546041-10588874)

Cloud Computing, What is it? Is it in the cloud where everybody is going or is it just a farmyard full of online services. Your one-stop Services, Platforms and Infrastructure services provider. Adobe Creative Cloud is offering you just this.

Adobe is providing software as a service in the cloud. Adobe is also providing the service to enable customers to deploy, in the cloud, applications created using programming languages and tools supported by the supplier. Adobe is also providing the infrastructure, the computer processing power, storage (including operating systems and applications) in the cloud.

All these three elements are together referred to as the cloud computing “stack”.

Adobe has recently made it “live” and available to subscribers for a yearly fee such stack. It is called the Adobe Creative Cloud.

So in the meanwhile, you may ask the question; “Is Cloud computing moving IT out of the office?”

Watch this space for more articles and information. Look at these acronyms. SaaS – Software as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service and IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service.

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