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Having lived & extensively traveled on safari in Uganda & Rwanda for over 4 years I have gained a huge respect for the primates, mammals, birds, nature & all aspects of wildlife that inhabit our ecosystems. I now live in London, U.K where I work specialising as a central & east African safari travel consultant. By joining this unique & vibrant 'MeetUp Group' you will enjoy regular meet-ups where we can discuss up-to-date and relevant wildlife, nature, conservation & ethical travel stories and share our own wildlife & travel experiences. There will also be opportunities to join regular events, lectures, presentations and photography exhibitions regarding all aspects of wildlife, nature, conservation & ethical travel. Events are likely to be located at the Royal Geographical Society, the National Geographic and the Royal Institute in London. If you are interested in any aspect of primates, mammals, birds, nature and wildlife and you are based in London this is the group for you!

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