The London Wargaming Guild presents: The Bad Moon GT Series - Heat 2 -

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The second qualifying heat, one of four two-day 32 person competitive ITC 40K events in London, composing of three heats (top 10 go through) and a Final.

- Organised by the London Wargaming Guild in partnership with The Bad Moon Cafe held at their fantastic new venue in Borough, London.

Time to find out who's top dog in the Big Smoke...


A 32 person two day Warhammer 40K ITC Tournament in London, with great prizes and a brand-new event space from veteran 40K event organisers London Warhammer Gaming Guild in partnership with Bad Moon Cafe.

As with all London Wargaming Guild events, there will be a strong emphasis on sportsmanship. We expect players to come along and have a good time and be respectful to their opponents.

What is it?
A 40k singles event played over two days, using the ITC Champions missions.
You'll play 5 games with 3 hour round times
Find out more about the ITC here:

Where is it?
The new and wonderful Bad Moon Cafe, Borough, London.

How many people will be there?
32 players

What are the restrictions?
- 2000 points
- Battleforged armies
- Up to 3 detachments
Duplicate detachments and Forgeworld units are allowed. Bring out those goodies!
There will also be a minimum three colour painting standard
We'll have a full pack out in the coming months, so stay tuned!

How much is it?
Tickets are £30

If you're not already a member, sign up and we'll approve you right away!

What will I win?
- Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Wooden Spoon
- Best Painted
- Sportsmanship prize
- Top 10 secure the option to attend the Final!

1 Alex Cable
2 Alex Hillen
3 Andrew Bourbon
4 Anthony Keen
5 Antonio Aparicio Lopez
6 Chris Davenport
7 Clement Tournade
8 Colm McCarthy
9 Ben Partington
10 Edward Morgan
11 George White
12 Jack Briggs
13 Jack Millership
14 James Grover
15 James Pilkington
16 James Tierney
17 James Vance
18 James Wilson
19 John Bishop
20 John King
21 John King +1
22 Konrad Bartkiewicz
23 Lucas Deeprose
24 Matthew Davis
25 Neil Morris
26 Nicholas Cooper
27 Simon Priddis
28 Steve Hart
29 Stuart Northall
30 Neil Robertson