The LWG Open: Summer Slaughter - 2,000 pts Warhammer 40K ITC Tournament

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Welcome to The London Wargaming Guild Open: Summer Slaughter!

The Second in the “The London Wargaming Guild Open” series - a twice a year ITC Tournament, with little to no restrictions. This is 8th edition 40k at its purest!

As with all London Wargaming Guild events, there will be a strong emphasis on sportsmanship. We expect players to come along and have a good time and be respectful to their opponents.

What is it?
A 40k singles event played over two days, using the ITC Champions missions.
You'll play 5 games with 3 hour round times
Find out more about the ITC here:




Where is it? Dark Sphere Megastore in Shepherd's Bush, London

How many people will be there?
64 players

What are the restrictions?
- 2000 points
- Battleforged armies
- Up to 3 detachments
Duplicate detachments and Forgeworld units are allowed. Bring out those goodies!
There will also be a minimum three colour painting standard
We'll have a full pack out in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

How much is it?
Tickets are £40 and can be bought through our meetup page (Link to come!)
If you're not already a member, sign up and we'll approve you right away!

What will I win?
Our total prize pool is worth over £1,500 !
- Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
- Painting competitions
- Sportsmanship prize
- Best in Faction award
- There’ll also be a Best Team award (teams of 4), so bring your friends along!
- We’ll also be doing a charity raffle during the event.

1. Tim Jones
2. Alex Cable
3. Alberto
4. Francesco Zanella
5. Konrad Bartkiewicz
6. Jamie Balcombe
7. Jordan Milton
8. Mo Shawwa
9. George White
10. Sean Morrison
11. Jon N
12. Jack Millership
13. Alun Perkins
14. Daniil Osudin
15. Nicholas Cooper
16. Tom Green
17. Joe Maylam
18. Jack Harrison
19. Jon Dunne
20. Jim O Callaghan
21. Steve Hart
22. John King
23. Dom Maidlow
24. Ross Penfold
25. Stuart Northall
26. Aidan Brocklehurst
27. James Rocks
28. James Pilkington
29. Antonio Aparicio Lopez
30. Jack Lyons
31. Ryan Williams
32. Stuart Rowan
33. Alex Woodcraft
34. David Horn
35. Daniel Ward
36. Alexander Powrie
37. Daniel Whitaker
38. Ryan Coleman
39. Janus China
40. Feliks Bartkiewicz
41. Tom Roberts
42. Nassim
43. Shoubon Choudhury
44. Remington Ling
45. Tom Lewis
46. Edward Sandilands
47. Neil Morris
48. Hamish Wason
49. Josh Hill
50. James Tierney


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