40k Fun & Fluff Tournament - 1,500 pts, Saturday Games Day - SOLD OUT!

This is a past event

34 people went

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Our popular relaxed "Fun 'n' Fluff" Tournament is back!

We'll be running our custom Fun ‘n’ Fluffy format, which has evolved over the last year or so to create a tournament gaming/scoring system that engenders and rewards "fun" and "fluffy" play. The unit restrictions are designed to create a system that reduces the highly competitive / spam lists.

This is a highlight - the response from our last event was strong and positive and we were touched and honoured to see that approx. 60% of the respondents ranked it as the 'best 40k event I have ever attended' - Thank you! That said, we have listened to some of the constructive feedback and have made a few tweaks accordingly... details to follow!

You can see pictures and videos from our last Fun 'n' Fluff a the link https://www.facebook.com/events/1029400490581571/?active_tab=discussion

Full details are in the pack below, but the highlights are:
- 1500 points
- Single ITC Faction
- Single Detachment, which must be a Battalion
- Modified Highlander
- No Lords of War
- No Fortifications
- No Forgeworld
- ITC Champions missions
- Three games over one day

RULES PACK - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FaLVEiG5e20UX0RhucaHKJn6xXTdWg78/view?usp=sharing

Here are the main changes from previous F&F's:
- Slightly changed the Troops and Transports restrictions
- Added in a couple of specialist units, and tweaked some others
- No Imperial Knights
- No Raiding Patrol for Drukhari. Instead, they can duplicate 1 HQ choice.
- Reworked Imperial Agents
- New, more detailed scoring rubrics


Prizes will be awarded for:
1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall
Fluffiest Army
Most Fun Player

We’re now ITC registered, so please use the email address that you'd like your ITC scores submitted against. Find out more about the ITC here: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/


1. Aiden Leonard
2. AJ
3. Alberto
4. Alex Cable
5. Alex LK
6. Alun Perkins
7. Chris B
8. Chris Gooding
9. Daniil Osudin
10. Ed Dunkley
11. Ellis Sloggett
12. Iggy paris
13. Jack Millership
14. Jack Harrison
15. James Pilkington
16. Janus China
17. Jason Daly
18. Jon D
19. Max Yves
20. Nick Hughes
21. Oliver Misick
22. Ollie Wheeler
23. Olly King
24. Robert Michell
25. Ryan Coleman
26. Sam Hickman
27. Stuart Rowan
28. TJ
29. Tom
30. Remington Ling
31. Sam B
32. Ed Sandilands